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2019 Undergraduate Research Colloquium



1st Place
American Airlines - US Airways Merger: Measuring the Effects on Competition Through Price and Aircraft Size
Edward Houseworth.
Faculty Mentor: Kerry Tan (Economics)

2nd Place
When Cost Comes To Push: An Examination of the Relationship Between Wage Pressure and Inflation
Conor MacNeil.
Faculty Mentor: John Burger (Economics)

3rd Place (tie)
A Global Approach to ESG Investing and Management
Stephon Smith.
Faculty Mentor: J.P. Krahel (Accounting)

3rd Place (tie)
The Business of Banking: JPMorgan Chase's Competitive Advantage
Meredith Doty.
Faculty Mentor: Patricia Kanashiro (Management)

Humanities I

1st Place
The Artists' Revolt: The Ethics of Art in Revolution
Samantha Kennedy.
Faculty Mentor: Daniel Schlapbach (Fine Arts)

2nd Place
A Modern Day Genocide: Segregation and Its Persistence
Caitlin Lonergran.  
Faculty Mentor: Janet Maher (Fine Arts)

Humanities II

1st Place
Worlds of Wonder: Native American and European Explanations for the Charlevoix Earthquake of 1663
Phoebe Labat. 
Faculty Mentor: Matthew Mulcahy (History)

2nd Place
Beer and Modernization: Germany's Influence on the Japanese Beer Industry during the Meiji Era through the First World War, 1868-1918
Beatrice King
Faculty Mentor: Chad Diehl (History)

Natural & Applied Sciences

1st Place
Chemoenzymatic Tandem Reactions under Micellar Conditions
Nicholas Adams
Faculty Mentor: Courtney Hastings (Chemistry)

2nd Place
Influence of black tea on macrophage activity
Christina Kingsley
Faculty Mentor: Christopher Thompson (Biology)

3rd Place
Manufacturing Ancient Greek Linen Armor 
Meghan Parry, Thomas Linkus.
Faculty Mentor: Rob Pond (Engineering)

Social Sciences I

1st Place
The Havana Peace Talks: Mechanisms of the Colombian Peace Process
Darian Lopez Robles.
Faculty Mentor: DMoira Lynch (Political Science)

2nd Place
"No thanks, I've got it:" Implications of relationship with the perpetrator on women's endorsement of benevolent sexism and system justification
Maggie Gillen, Sumer Rahe, Allie Weis.
Faculty Mentor: Diana Betz (Psychology)

Social Sciences II

1st Place
The Role of Empathy in the Perception of Racial Inequalities in the Criminal Justice System
Haley Puddy, Sara Wilton.
Faculty Mentor: Diana Betz (Psychology)

2nd Place
The Efficacy of Exercise Therapy for Treating Substance Use Disorders
Rennae Wigton.
Faculty Mentor: Anthony Parente (Psychology)




1st Place
Samantha Kennedy, Sophia Riviello, Ximena Mendez Schagar.
Faculty Mentor: Jonathan Malis (Fine Arts)


1st Place
Interventions for Decimal Division in a 5th Grade Classroom
Olivia Aebli. 
Faculty Mentor: James Wolgamott (Education)

2nd Place
Improving Reading Comprehension Using the Study of Character Traits
Mary LoPiccolo.
Faculty Mentor: Mark Lewis  (Education)

3rd Place
Increasing Students' Capacities to Become Lifelong Learners: An Intensive Intervention Group Centered Upon High-Frequency Words
Patricia Auray.
Faculty Mentor: Mark Lewis  (Education)

Natural & Applied Sciences

1st Place
Effects of JARID1C Overexpression on Carcinomic Stem Cell Growth
Charles Cash.
Faculty Mentor: Theresa Geiman (Biology)

2nd Place
Effects of Matcha and Green Tea on Cytoskeleton Structure, Phagocytosis, and Killing
Hannah LaMond.
Faculty Mentor: Christopher Thompson (Biology)

3rd Place
Circuit Design for Probabilistic Computation
Chet Pajardo II.
Faculty Mentor: David H. K. Hoe (Engineering)

Social Sciences 

1st Place
Studying the Sleepy Adolescent: Sleep and Daytime Sleepiness in association with Caffeine Consumption
Jennifer Meigs, Abigail Cirelli, Christopher Czapla.
Faculty Mentor: Amy Wolfson (Psychology)

2nd Place
Current Effects of the Sexualization of Black Women on Confidence
Jamie Archibong.
Faculty Mentor: Diana Betz (Psychology)

3rd Place
Who Gets a Fake ID? The Role of Extraversion, Neuroticism, Openness to Experience, and Alcohol Use
Kelly Deegan.
Faculty Mentor: Beth Kotchick (Psychology)


Event Information

Friday, April 19, 2024

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Application Proposals

All currently enrolled undergraduate students at the University are eligible to submit a presentation proposal to the Colloquium for research performed on or off campus, including during the summer.

Deadline: March 19, 2024

Application Process

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If you are a faculty member willing to serve as an abstract reviewer (March 19-27) and/or a judge (either for oral or poster presentations at the Colloquium on April 19th), please submit your contact information here to register your interest.