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Oral Presentations –

Humanities Session

1st Prize:  
Portrayal of Race, Gender, and Class in The Chi
Camille Harris
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mas Biswas (Communications)

2nd Prize: 
Pipounoukhe’s Winds: The Effects of Winter and the Environment Upon the Peoples of New France
Michael Berger
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Matthew Mulcahy (History)

Natural & Applied Sciences

1st Prize:  
Short Chain Fatty Acid Receptors and Serotonin Colocalizatio in Rodent Colonic Tissue
Mia Aglieco
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Derek Kendig (Biology)

Social Sciences Session 1

1st Prize: 
Sibling Relationship Quality Among Emerging Adults: How Self-Esteem, Self-Efficacy, Number of Siblings, and Age Differences Play a Role
Holly Cochran, Julia Case
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rachel Grover (Psychology)

2nd Prize:  
The Relationship Between Sexual Attraction and Friendship Quality & Satisfaction in Cross-Sex Friendships
Caroline Arpin, Sarah Abril
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rachel Grover (Psychology)

Social Sciences Session 2

1st Prize:  
Sleep Problems and Externalizing Behaviors for Youth in Juvenile Justice Facilities
Ryann McGee, Lily Bistline, Sammie Spargo
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Amy Wolfson (Psychology)

2nd Prize:  
ADHD, Friendship Quality, and Homophily in Emerging Adults
Lara Ayala, Chris Hyland
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rachel Grover (Psychology)

Social Sciences Session 3

1st Prize:  
Kosovo: The Heart of Two Nationalities
Annabella Ritter-Pleitez
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mary Kate Schneider (Political Science, Global Studies)

2nd Prize:  
Media Content Analysis: I Love New York & Dismissal of Black Romance
Sabreenah Borgard
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mas Biswas (Communications)

Poster Presentations –


1st Prize:  
Increasing Student Self-Efficacy Through Digital Literacy Learning Through English Language Arts
Sloane Silverman, Catherine Sattely, Maggie McGovern, Ashlyn Forgash, Elizabeth Adelhelm
Faculty Mentor: Stacy Williams (Education)

2nd Prize: 
Incorporating Digital Literacy into K-5 Science Classrooms
Maggie Burkhard, Riley Deprospero, Emily Dyer, Elaina Neri, Trinity Riggle, Mary Grace Wilson
Faculty Mentor: Melissa Mullieri, M.A. (Education) and Stacy Williams (Education)

Fine Arts

1st Prize:  
Doing Without Thought
Evan Casas
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Christopher Lonegan (Studio Arts)

Social Sciences

1st Prize:
Youth Sleep-Wake Experience in Juvenile Justice Facilities: A Descriptive Analysis
Ryan Busby, Sammie Spargo, Lily Bistline, Ryan McGee
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Amy Wolfson (Psychology) and Dr. Marinna Carlucci (Psychology)

2nd Prize: 
Examining Differences in and Predictors of Students’ Educational Expectations and Aspirations
Victoria Louis, Rodrigo Jimenez
Faculty Mentor: Perrin Robinson, M.S. (Psychology) and Dr. Patrick LoPresto (Psychology)

Natural & Applied Sciences

1st Prize:
Investigation of Spacing Effects on Savonius Turbines in an Array
John Inman
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Robert Bailey (Engineering)

2nd Prize:
Varying Differentiation Methods in P191A1 Mouse Stem Cells
Diego Mendoza
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Theresa Geiman (Biology)

3rd Prize:
The Effects of Altering the HELLS Gene in Melanoma
Vaughn Waldron
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Theresa Geiman (Biology)

Event Information

Friday, April 19, 2024

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