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Beyond the Ballot: Upholding Your Civic Commitment

Join CCSJ and LoyolaVotes for an Instagram Live series highlighting post-election opportunities to continue your civic engagement. Each day, hear from a different Loyola community member and ask questions to inform your next steps!

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  • Recapping the 2020 Election with LoyolaVotes - Monday, 11/9 at 6:00PM
  • Civic Engagement & Student Government: A Conversation with SGA - Tuesday, 11/10 at 4:00PM
  • Ignatian Family Teach-In: Student Panel - Wednesday, 11/11 at 5:30PM
  • Inclusion, Equity, & Our Democracy: A Conversation with Dr. Marianna Carlucci - Thursday, 11/12 at 2:30PM
  • Civic Engagement in Baltimore with Vidushani Jayalal - Friday, 11/13 at 10:00AM

Election 2020 and the Power of the Vote

A special Election 2020 conversation with Leonard Pitts, Jr., a Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist and the author of The Last Thing You Surrender.

The Karson Institute for Race, Peace, and Social Justice: COMloquium #2

Interfaith Civic Engagement Panel

Campus Ministry hosted panelists from faith communities around Baltimore to discuss civic engagement through an interfaith lens. Specifics topics discussed include legislative and policy advocacy, voting disenfranchisement, and religious leadership.

View the Conversation Here

Pop-Up Election Debrief

The Pop-Up Election Debrief Messina event served as an opportunity for students to reflect on the election, what happened, why it happened, and how to move forward. The processing space included discussion facilitators from various offices across the university and the Chief of Staff for Black Girls Vote.

View the Recording of this Event

Post-Election Panel: Contemplation and Political Action

Loyola hosted a post-election panel on the theme of Contemplation and Political Action: Reflection, Connection and Commitment After the 2020 Election.

View the Recording of this Event Here

Move For What Matters Campaign - Fall 2020

Move for What Matters is about connecting values to action, like voting. Share what you move for through Instagram @LoyolaVotes and use the hashtag #MoveForWhatMatters. 

Check out what some members of our community are moving for!




          To exercise your right to vote, you must first be registered. Registration is made easy through LoyolaVotes


The best voting is informed voting. Voting is a powerful action that carries great responsibility.  It is important to be informed about the candidates and their platforms before casting your ballot.


Your voice matters! For our democracy to work at its best, we need to ensure each member of our community has access to vote. Structural and systemic barriers exist, creating obstacles for voter registration and participation. We are called to stand strong in our commitment to electoral access and secure voting rights for all.


Each member of our community is responsible for upholding a healthy democracy. As members of the Loyola community, we are called on to create and sustain a civically engaged community.  Leadership demands equal and unabridged access to the ballot. Lead by example - participate in each election, from school board to presidency.

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