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Meet the Members of our LoyolaVotes Task Force:

  • Pat Cassidy (Co-Chair): Associate Director for Programs, Center for Community, Service, and Justice
  • Timothy Clark (Co-Chair): Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Alyssa De la Cerda: Class of 2026, Events & Programs Coordinator, LoyolaVotes Student Organization
  • Abbie Flanagan: Assistant Director for Outreach & Advocacy, Center for Community, Service, and Justice
  • Dave Gerrity: Associate Athletic Director, Athletics
  • Kate Grubb Clark: Director of External Affairs 
  • Emily Kane: Associate Director, Campus Ministry
  • Shannon la Motta: Class of 2026, Sustainability Intern, Campus Ministry
  • Benick Mbaya: Class of 2025, Outreach & Partnerships Coordinator, LoyolaVotes Student Organization
  • Patrick Murnane: Assistant Director, Messina
  • Matt Pawlow: Class of 2026, President, LoyolaVotes Ambassadors
  • Eva Reynolds: Class of 2026, Social Media Coordinator, LoyolaVotes Ambassadors 
  • Nathan Schorr: Class of 2024, Events & Programs Coordinator, LoyolaVotes Ambassadors
  • Jason Summers: Assistant Director, ALANA Services
  • Becca Winkler: Associate Director, Student Engagement
  • Brianna Yacovelli: Social Media Manager, Marketing & Communications

Questions about LoyolaVotes:

Contact Pat Cassidy (he/him) in Loyola's Center for Community, Service, and Justice (CCSJ).

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