Media Resources

Contact information for media officers:

Stephanie Weaver
Media Relations Specialist
P: 410-617-1805
C: 240-321-1701

Rita Buettner
Director, University Communications
P: 410-617-2146
C: 443-928-1730

Reporting on campus:

Loyola’s main campus—Evergreen—is located at:

4501 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21210

We regularly welcome media to our campuses. Loyola has so many stories to tell! All media must receive permission from, or be invited by, a Loyola media relations representative prior to conducting interviews, filming, photographing, or engaging in any other form of reporting on location at Loyola.

  • During normal business hours, contact Ashleigh Aldridge, Stephanie Weaver, or Rita Buettner to request access to campus.
  • After hours, on weekends, and on holidays, contact Ashleigh Aldridge to request access to campus.

Where to park:

Street parking around the Evergreen campus on North Charles Street and Cold Spring Lane is available during times designated on Baltimore City parking signs.

Hourly-rate public parking is available in the Jenkins Lot on Loyola’s Evergreen campus. The Jenkins Lot is located off Cold Spring Lane, east of North Charles Street immediately before Diane Geppi-Aikens Field (when traveling east).

A Loyola media relations officer might direct you to park along the curb on the right side of the short entrance road to the Jenkins Lot. Do not park here unless you receive prior authorization; otherwise, you will get towed. When you are cleared to park here, display a media placard on your dash.

The map below shows the center of Loyola’s Evergeen campus, bordered by North Charles Street to the west and Cold Spring Lane to the south. Important parking locations to know:

  1. Entrance road to Jenkins Lot
  2. Jenkins Lot
  3. Spaces in Jenkins Lot ideal for live trucks/live shots

Loyola University Maryland media parking campus map

Requests to interview faculty experts/administrators/students:

We are committed to connecting the media with our faculty, administrators, staff, and students for a broad range of stories. We make every effort to accommodate even the tightest deadlines.

  • During normal business hours, contact either Stephanie Weaver or Rita Buettner to request an interview with a member of the Loyola community.
  • After hours, on weekends, and on holidays, contact Stephanie Weaver.

Requests related to Loyola Greyhounds athletics:

Please direct all athletics requests to the office of athletic communications.

Facts about Loyola:

Please visit our university profile for a one-page summary of our academic program offerings, faculty headcount, undergraduate and graduate enrollment, and other relevant information about Loyola.