Current Professional Development Schools for Loyola University Maryland

Anne Arundel County  
Marley Middle School 2011 Active
Northeast High School 1997 Active 
Solley Elementary School 1997 Active
Baltimore City    
Barclay Elementary/Middle School 1999 Hiatus
City Neighbors Elementary Middle School 2011 Hiatus
 Holabird Academy 2014 Active
Lakeland Elementary Middle School 2011 Active
Margaret Brent Elementary Middle School 2011  Hiatus
Baltimore County    
Elmwood Elementary School 1996 Active
Franklin Middle School 1998 Active
Lansdowne Middle School 1996 Active
Loch Raven High 1996 Active
Overlea High School 1999 Active
Pine Grove Elementary School 2002 Active
Pleasant Plains Elementary School 1998  Active
Howard County    
Atholton Elementary School 2003 Active
Bollman Bridge Elementary School 2007 Active
Long Reach High School 2011 Active
Mount View Middle School 2008  Active
Archdiocese of Maryland (Partnership, not MSDE PDS)    
Our Lady of Mount Carmel 2000 Active