Tori Kovelman

  • Class Year2020

  • DegreeM.Ed. in School Counseling

Tori Kovelman’s professional journey started at University of Massachusetts Amherst where she pursued her love of storytelling with journalism. She then ventured to Towson University as she realized she’d rather teach these skills, and she earned her bachelor’s in English and Secondary Education. Still, Tori felt like she wanted to reach her students more directly. She completed yoga teacher training and became more interested in the mental health profession—and in becoming a school counselor, a role through which she believed she could best touch her students’ lives. It was with Loyola’s Master’s of Education in School Counseling program that she “realized my love for stories would be through listening to others retell, relearn, or rewrite their own.” She is now the 7th grade school counselor at the Crossroads Center, a Baltimore County Public Schools’ alternative education program. She is also pursuing her Licensed Graduate Professional Counseling (LGPC) certification and serving as a lead yoga teacher, with the hopes of going into clinical practice and opening a holistic wellness center. Tori appreciates the level of reflection required in Loyola’s classes. “I learned from Loyola and from this program that you can only take students or clients as far along on their path as you are willing to go yourself,” she says.

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Tori Kovelman
Loyola’s core values—educating the whole person, service, leadership, justice, integrity, diversity (just to name a few!)—have allowed me to create purpose and meaning in my life. I was able to take profound personal self-inventory to become clear on where I was stuck and how to move forward with confidence, compassion, and creativity.

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