Dena Lorenzi

  • Class Year 2015

  • Degree M.A. Emerging Media

After a decade working as an independent marketing consultant, Dena Lorenzi was looking for a new challenge. The Wisconsin native saw a post on Twitter about Loyola’s new Emerging Media program, and found that the curriculum resonated with her—and her career goals. Dena ultimately became one of the first 13 students to enroll in the program, which she completed in 2015. “I wanted to pursue my strong interest in communications, and specifically emerging media platforms, in more depth,” she says. Having earned an undergraduate business degree at Marquette University, Dena knew Loyola would be a good fit. "I craved the intellectual rigor and being challenged to do more and be more.” The program’s hybrid online and in-classroom teaching style allowed her to balance her studies with her career. Dena has since held roles as marketing director at software startup SalesWarp and returned to her work as an independent marketing consultant.

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Dena Lorenzi
Graduate school strengthened my grit and growth mindset. You have to be willing to try new things, persevere through issues that come up, and stay focused on outcomes.

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