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A visual representation of the timeline explained on this page

Presidential Conversation Tour (Spring 2022)
  • President launches conversation tour
  • President and Cabinet set up Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC)
  • President announces strategic planning process and SPSC committee co-chairs
Step 1: Pre-Planning (Summer 2022)

Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC) meets to create the groundwork for launching the process in the fall

Step 2: Community Ideation (Fall 2022)
Step 3: Review & Refinement (Winter 2023)

SPSC and Cabinet meet to discuss data collected and Campus feedback on prioritization of themes

Step 4: Community Goal Setting (Spring 2023)

Strategic Initiative Working Groups are formed around themes. These working groups create proposals for specific initiatives that would help Loyola achieve the goals embedded in the themes.

Step 5: Drafting (Summer 2023)

Proposed initiatives are reviewed by the SPSC, Cabinet, and other constituencies and selected for inclusion in the plan. Development of selected initiatives continues, including determining resourcing needs and assessment criteria. The SPSC pens the first draft of the plan.

Step 6: Review and Fine Tuning (Fall 2023)

The SPSC shares the draft plan broadly for feedback from all Loyola constituents. The plan is revised and shared with the Loyola Conference, Cabinet, and President for approval.

Step 7: Approval and Implementation (Spring 2024)

The Board of Trustees is presented with the final plan for adoption. Loyola begins implementation.