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Faculty & Staff

Faculty associated with the Asian studies minor program span various departments. They are as follows:


Jinghua Wangling 
Associate Professor of Chinese 
Maryland Hall 448
Name Department Email Phone Location
Headshot of Rev. Charles Borges, S.J.
Rev. Charles Borges, S.J. Associate Professor
History 410-617-2016 Humanities 318
Headshot of Bret Davis
Bret W. Davis Professor
Philosophy 410-617-5697 Humanities 050P
Headshot of Hung-bin Ding
Hung-bin Ding Professor
Management and International Business 410-617-5598 Sellinger Hall 418b
Headshot of Mark Hubbard
Mark Hubbard Lecturer of Management
Management and International Business 410-617-2357 Sellinger Hall 208
Placeholder Image
Drew Leder Professor
Philosophy 410-617-2325 Humanities 050o
Headshot of Jessica Locke
Jessica Locke Associate Professor
Philosophy 410-617-2315 Humanities 050C
Headshot of Austin Parks
Austin Parks Assistant Teaching Professor
History 410-617-5069 Humanities 316
Headshot of Sarah Scalenghe
Sarah Scalenghe Associate Professor
History 410-617-2017 Humanities 301
Headshot of Carsten Vala
Carsten Vala Professor
Political Science 410-617-2426 Humanities 250K
Headshot of Jinghua Wangling
Jinghua Wangling Associate Professor of Chinese
Modern Languages and Literatures 410-617-2795 Maryland Hall 448
Portrait of Yu Zhang Stearns
Yu Zhang Stearns Associate Professor of Chinese
Modern Languages and Literatures 410-617-2507 Maryland Hall 458