Loyola University Maryland

Catholic Studies Program


The mission of the Catholic Studies Program is to foster engagement with Roman Catholic intellectual life in all its depth and breadth – e.g., material and spiritual, personal and social, moral and artistic, religious and secular, philosophical and theological – throughout all parts of the Loyola community (students, faculty, staff, and administrators).

CSP programs include:

  • The Catholic Studies Minor 
  • Lectures and Panel Discussions 
  • Film Series 
  • Cultural Immersion Programs 
  • Family Masses and Dinners 

Spring 2020 Electives

  • AH 310 Early Medieval Art c. 250-1050
  • CL 226 Women in Christian Tradition (same course as TH 211) 
  • HN 202 Human Drama: Medieval World
  • TH 203 Catholic Church: Life and Thought
  • TH 265 World Christianity
  • TH 266 Christian Theology and World Religions
  • TH 304 Ethics: Intro to Christian Ethics
  • TH 348 Wrestling with the Old Testament 
  • TH 362 Hope, Death, and the End of the World
  • TH 381 Faith in Film: Apostles Creed