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Why minor in Catholic Studies?

Engage with the Roman Catholic intellectual tradition and artistic heritage

As students at a Jesuit, Catholic university, the CS minor gives you a unique opportunity to deepen understanding of your faith and appreciate the integration of faith and intellect in a variety of academic disciplines.

Flexible, interdisciplinary nature

CS minor courses are offered in art, business, literature, the natural sciences, philosophy, social sciences, and theology.  This gives you a lot of flexibility in finding courses that are right for you.  Some CS courses may count toward the core or your major which makes it very convenient to minor in CS.

Career Advancement

Want to work in a Catholic not-for-profit organization or teach at a Catholic school?  A CS minor can help you stand out as you pursue these career opportunities.  The CS minor will also be helpful if you decide to assist in a parish or diocese, volunteer in organizations like the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, or work in the social services or health care settings.