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Faculty Course Development Grants

The Loyola Catholic Studies Program awards grants for the development of new undergraduate courses that qualify for the Catholic Studies minor. Applications are welcome from all academic areas within Loyola University Maryland. Junior faculty are especially encouraged to apply.

The purpose of the grant is to promote the development of academic courses throughout the curriculum that study the Roman Catholic intellectual and artistic tradition, particularly with regard to its influence on and contribution to the advancement of the “life of the mind.” In a Catholic Studies minor course, the majority of readings and material studied should be representative of the Roman Catholic intellectual and artistic tradition. Other perspectives upon that tradition also may be examined, but a principal focus of the course should be the articulation of the views reflected in the Roman Catholic heritage.

Applications should include:

  1. a summary, not to exceed 750 words, of the course objectives, the subject matter to be covered (including its significance for the Roman Catholic intellectual and artistic tradition), the importance of the course material for the academic department sponsoring it, and the level of the course (e.g., introductory, core, elective);
  2. a draft syllabus;
  3. a very brief statement indicating the semester during which the faculty member would propose to teach the course initially, and an estimate of how frequently it would be taught; and
  4. a statement from the faculty member’s department chair indicating that the academic department has approved the course for inclusion in its future offerings.

Selection of grant recipients will be made by the Catholic Studies Executive Committee. Selected recipients will receive a part of the grant amount up-front. The remainder of the grant will be paid when the course is listed in Loyola’s undergraduate course schedule.