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Our culture is profoundly rooted in classical civilization. Our literature, political system, art, language, values and philosophy are all, in a sense, either developments from, improvements upon, or reactions to the legacy of the ancients. The classics department at Loyola is devoted to the study of Greek and Roman civilizations in all their manifestations.

Those who major in classics are required to take a certain number of language courses in Greek and Latin for graduation. Majors and minors in classical civilization divide their work between language classes and civilization classes taught in English. But many of the students in classics courses are not majors or minors; students from throughout the college take our courses. Some of these are minors: we have a large number of students who complete their language requirement in Latin or Greek and take the few other courses required to graduate with a minor in classics while completing a major in another department.

A student at a podium presenting about Josephus & the City of Rome

Center for Humanities Student Presentations

Various students discuss their experiences in writing their proposals and delving into their summer research in short videos.

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Joshua Ziesel

Classics Students win Scholarships for Summer Projects

Watch their videos and learn more about their research and study projects.

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The Classics Club poses next to murals in the Classics Lounge

Students Decorate Classics Lounge

Over Fall Break, several Classics and Classical Civilization Majors and Minors decorated the Classics lounge with Classical Motifs (with the help of one rogue History major).

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Kelly Mueller
Kelly Mueller, ’18 gives an account of her time in Rome

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