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Independent Study and Mentoring


Meta is a Greek preposition meaning “after.” In Latin, however, it represents the turning post on a race course. In the Loyola Classics Department, Meta refers to a special advising session for majors. In these sessions, held in the sophomore year, students meet with the faculty to discuss their progress and performance in the major so far and to discuss their plans for their future and their preparation for it. For students wishing to go on to graduate school (in law, business, medicine or classics) this is an opportunity to make sure that students are on-track to make successful applications. For students wishing to go directly into a job after graduation, Meta allows the faculty to counsel the student on options and, again, to make sure the students are on track to meet their goals. In Meta the faculty also remind students of the opportunities available to them in study abroad programs and at the Center for the Humanities. These focused sessions give each major the opportunity to hear from the whole faculty.

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Dr. Martha Taylor
Department Chair
Humanities Building, Room 321b

Nadine Fenchak
Program Assistant
Humanities Building, Room 322A