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Student Summer Fellowships

The Loyola Center for the Humanities offers Student Summer Fellowships that grant students $4000 to allow them to work on a research project during the summer under the direction of a faculty mentor.  Such projects can be carried out here at Loyola and students sometimes use research done with a Humanities center fellowship to begin work on an Honors thesis. Work can also be carried out abroad, and classics students have used these fellowships to attend summer programs abroad.

A Classics graduate, for example, used two consecutive Student Summer Fellowships to support her research proposals on Greek Art and Archaeology at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens. It should be possible, given a sufficiently compelling proposal, for a student to use a Student Summer Fellowship to support independent research in Rome, for example, while attending the American Academy Summer Program, or in Athens, while attending the summer program of the American School of Classical Studies.

To date, all students from the classics department that have submitted proposals to the Center for the Humanities have received Student Summer Fellowships. If you are interested in working with a faculty member on a summer project, run, don't walk, to your professor, and Let's Talk!!! The deadline for fellowship proposals is the last working day of February. Any student interested in applying to the Center for the Humanities for a fellowship or grant should contact Dr. Taylor. View the list of past winners of Summer Study Fellowships and their projects.

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