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As part of the curriculum requirements for the film studies minor, students must complete four elective courses taken in a number of disciplines (e.g. communication, English, fine arts, history, modern languages, philosophy). No more than one elective may be at the 100 or 200 level. No more than two electives may come from the same department.

Course Title
CL 270 Greece and Rome on Film
CL 341 Hollywood in Rome
CM 204 Introduction to Multimedia
CM 324  Video I
CM 347 The Documentary Tradition
DR 279 Silent Cinema
DR 280  Classic Hollywood Film
DR 281  Films of Alfred Hitchcock
EN 180  Introduction to Film and Literature
EN 336 Seminar in Literature and Film (pre-1800)
EN 380 The History of Narrative Cinema
EN 382 Topics in Literature and Film Studies
EN 386 Seminar in Literature and Film (Post-1800)
FR 334 French Film in Context
FR 340 The Text and the Screen
GR 309 The Classic German Cinema
GR 341 Contemporary German Cinema
HS 325 Europe Since 1945 through Film
HS 359 African American History through Film
HS 372 The Vietnam War though Film and Literature
HS 374 East Asia on Film
HS 375 Indian History, Culture, and Religion through Film
ML 306 Old Wine in a New Bottle: Modern Film and Classical Chinese Tales 
ML 340 China Through Film
ML 341 Contemporary German Cinema
ML 366 The Holocaust in French Film
PL 398 Philosophy and Film
PT 279 Silent Cinema
PT 280 Classic Hollywood Film
PT 281 Films of Alfred Hitchcock
PT 386  Video Art
TH 381 Faith and Film: The Apostle's Creed in the American Cinema
TH 385  The Theological and the Religious in International Cinema
WR 345  Screen Writing for Film and Television
WR 357  Writing about Film