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Baltimore Cinema Culture

The history of Baltimore cinema is best understood through the many hundreds of neighborhood theaters that dotted the urban landscape through much of the twentieth century. These theaters anchored the cultural and civic life of the city by serving as social, entertainment, and information centers for their communities. Most are now defunct, though their beauty can still be glimpsed in the stunning architectural facades of repurposed pharmacies, bowling alleys, and store-front churches. And a few, like Loyola’s own neighborhood cinema, the Senator Theatre in Belvedere Square, are still vibrant, thriving temples of the silver screen, sustaining the city’s film traditions and connecting Baltimoreans to their shared past…and future.

Senator Theatre

Senator Theatre Marquee Exterior

Charles Theatre

Charles Theatre Marquee Exterior

Parkway Theatre

Parkway Theatre Marquee Mock-up

Bengies' Drive-in Theater

Bengies Drive-in Theatre Marquee Exterior 

Landmark Theatres

landmark theatre marquee exterior

Film Festivals and Screening Series

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