Loyola University Maryland

Gender and Sexuality Studies

Participating Faculty

Director 2021-2022

Dr. Amanda KonradiAmanda Konradi

Associate Professor

Sociology Department
250 Beatty Hall

Participating faculty

Faculty Department
 Dr. Victoria Barnett-Woods  English
 Dr. Natka Bianchini  Theater 
 Dr. Mavis Biss  Philosophy
 Dr. Letty Bonnell  Art History
 Dr. David Carey  History
 Dr. Jean Lee Cole  English
 Dr. Marianna Carlucci  Psychology
 Dr. Pamela Cochran  Theology
 Dr. Kathy Forni  English
 Dr. Melissa Girard  English
 Dr. Ana Gomez-Perez  Modern Languages and Literature
 Dr. Selin Gursozlu  Philosophy
 Dr. Janine Holc  Political Science
 Dr. Amanda Konradi  Sociology
 Dr. Andrea H. Leary  Writing
 Dr. Oghenetoja Okoh  History
 Dr. Peggy O’Neill  Writing
 Dr. Brandon Parlopiano  History
 Dr. Nicole Reibe  Theology
 Prof.  William Romani  Management and International Business
 Dr. Andrew Ross  History
 Dr. Camika Royal  Education
 Dr. Jane Satterfield  Writing
 Dr. Sara Scalenghe  History
 Dr. Lovell Smith  Sociology
 Dr. Dale Snow  Philosophy
 Dr. Martha Taylor  Classics
 Dr. Thomas Ward   Modern Languages and Literature
 Dr. Yu Zhang Stearns  Modern Languages and Literature
 Dr. Lisa Zimmerelli   Writing