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Students speaking with Fr Brown and lecture speakers

Welcome to the Global Studies Major and Program! You are joining several hundred Loyola students who have decided to pursue this innovative, interdisciplinary course of study. This website gives you a quick snapshot of how the major is structured and the courses offered every semester. If you are a student or a prospective student, read on. If you are a faculty member advising a student, visit our Advising a Student webpage. Here are some highlights you should be aware of:

  • Global Studies is comprised of four social science disciplines: Economics, History, Political Science and Sociology.
  • After graduating, majors will be able to address problems from multiple perspectives, allowing them to see a broad range of solutions helpful to any issue in any field, ranging from environmental studies to law to social justice to international business. Recent grads work at Morgan Stanley, the U.S. State Department, Politico, and elsewhere. Many are in graduate school. 
  • Global Studies is also its own, self-standing discipline. Majors take two courses just in Global Studies: the foundational introductory course and the senior capstone seminar. The introductory course is offered every fall semester and is suitable for first- and second-year students. The senior seminar is only offered in the spring semester and is required to graduate with a Global Studies major.
  • All Global Studies majors complete an “International Experience,” which is usually one of Loyola’s many excellent study abroad programs. An international experience is required to graduate with a Global Studies major. To learn more about our study abroad programs, visit the International Programs website.
  • Global Studies offers more than just courses. There are activities, speakers, special events and a Model UN Club. The program's signature event is the Hanway Lecture in Global Studies, an annual event that brings individuals who have made significant contributions to global affairs to speak at Loyola and meet with Global Studies students. For information on this year’s Hanway Lecture, visit the Hanway Lecture in Global Studies website.
  • Planning your course schedule? For confirmation of which courses are needed to fulfill the requirements of the Global Studies major, consult the Loyola Catalogue

Questions? Contact Mary Kate Schneider, Director of Global Studies, at