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Department of History


The History major at Loyola combines rigorous study with close interaction between students and faculty. The focus of the History department is to teach not just the "facts" of history, but the patterns and interpretations as well.

The department emphasizes the skills of research, analysis, argument and writing. In addition to classroom contacts, events such as departmental lectures and colloquia help to keep History majors, minors and faculty current with each other's work and concerns.


2019 Whiteford Medal

The 2019 Whiteford Medal in History winner is Phoebe Labat. The Whiteford Medal is the oldest among Loyola's department medals. In 1888 the Whiteford family - benefactors of Loyola University and St. Ignatius Church - endowed a gold medal to be awarded each year for the best essay on a predetermined historical subject as selected by the Dean. At some point, responsibility for the prize shifted to the history faculty. Reflecting on it's origins, the award recognized a graduating senior history major who achieved an outstanding grade point average in history and whose research papers and written work give promise of noteworthy contributions to scholarship. Please join us in Congratulating Phoebe!

Phoebe Labat



David Carey, Jr., Ph.D., named a Guggenheim Fellow

David Carey, Jr., Ph.D.

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Jon Borris

The senior Vice President of Pop Promotion at Columbia Records brings his Jesuit education to the entertainment industry