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History Club

Mission Statement

The objective of the History Club is to offer a venue for Loyola History major and minors, as well as other students, to pursue their historical interests outside the classroom. The club also hopes to help foster a strong sense of community among the students in the History department. The club strives to organize interesting and fun historically relevant events, including off-campus excursions.


Brandon Parlopiano,

Meeting Times

The History club meets Mondays at 7:30 in HU340 in the Fall 2021. For more information follow the History Club on Instagram



"History Club took a field trip to George Washington's Mount Vernon on Saturday, November 6. We had 13 attendees, including our club moderator, Dr. Parlopiano. We took the mansion tour, which was about 20 minutes as well as The Enslaved Peoples of Mount Vernon tour, which was about an hour. The former tour had us walking through the house and seeing much of the original rooms, paint, and detail on the walls and ceilings. The latter tour had us walking outside through key areas of the estate and learning about the conditions of the enslaved people at Mount Vernon as well as the names and life details of some enslaved individuals that are known from Washington's meticulous records. In addition to the tours, we had about three hours of free time to roam the grounds as we pleased and read accompanying informational signs."

"After The Enslaved Peoples of Mount Vernon tour, some of us attended a wreath-laying ceremony at the Enslaved Peoples' Memorial site where those whose names are known were honored. Efforts are currently being made by archaeologists to identify the locations and identities of buried enslaved people at Mount Vernon without disturbing any human remains. So far, 86 have been found. Once more is known about their identities and religion, the intention is to honor the buried enslaved people properly with appropriate burial rites."




The History club sold cupcakes and t-shirts along with the Irish Club to help raise money for the Relay for Life. (March 2019)


History Club Members promoting the History Department

History Club members promoting History Department


What's New

Visit Student Planning for a list of the courses offered by the History department in Fall 2023. Students wishing to register for a closed (full) course must visit the Academic Advising Website and submit a course override request form (the link will be on the page under Fall 2023 Course Override Requests) requesting an override. Please do not submit your request directly to the course instructor or to the Department Chair. All course overrides are reviewed by the department chair and are only approved if there are extenuating circumstances. The override request will not be processed if there is a time conflict with your existing schedule, you do not have 6th course permission from your advisor, or if there is a financial hold on your account.