Loyola University Maryland

Department of History

Course Offerings

Below is a tentative numeric listing of the courses that will be offered in the next few years. Students should note that the list is subject to change. For more information on all History course descriptions, click here. Majors are strongly suggested to take History Methods (HS 400) their sophomore year.

Fall 2019

HS 101 Making of the Modern World: Europe (Edwards, Parlopiano, Ross, Borges)
HS 102M Making of the Modern World: United States I (Mulcahy)
HS 103 Making of the Modern World: United States II 
HS 105D Making of the Modern World: East Asia (Parks)
HS 107D Making of the Modern World: The Middle East (Scalenghe)
HS 108D Making of the Modern World: Latin America
HS/CL300 Death of the Roman Republic (Taylor)
HS 304 Reformation Europe (Parlopiano)
HS 319 Nazi Germany & the Holocaust (Sandler)
HS 332 Enlightenment in Europe (Edwards)
HS 346 Revolutionary America (Mulcahy)
HS 347 History Civil & Human Rights Law (Hill)
HS 359 African American History through Film 
HS 380D History South Asia in 20th Century (Borges)
HS 389D Gender & Power in Modern Africa (Okoh)
HS 395 Violence & Holiness in 20th Century El Salvador (Carey)
HS 396D Modern Middle East through Literature & Film
HS 400 History Methods (Okoh)
HS 417D Germans in Africa, Africans in Germany (Sandler)
HS 475 Persecution of Christ in the Roman World (Walsh)
HS 478 Global Histories of Sexuality (Ross)

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