Loyola University Maryland

Department of History

Course Offerings

Important note for students who entered Loyola prior to Academic Year 2022-23:

The History Department is in the process of transitioning to a new curriculum. For all of our students who have entered Loyola prior to 2022 - 2023, nothing has changed.

Please note that the note “closed to catalogue year 2022-2023 or beyond” refers to students who are entering Loyola in the Fall 2022 (considered Academic Year 2022 - 2023).

Important note for students starting at Loyola in the Fall of 2022:

Students entering Loyola in the Fall of 2022 and beyond will take HS 100: Encountering the Past as their first history core and a 200-level history course as their second history core.

Each section of HS100: Encountering the Past will take on a different historical subject as a case study. Here is a list of upcoming topics.

Below is a tentative listing of courses that will be offered in Fall 2022. Majors should take HS 400 History Methods in their sophomore year if at all possible. For Course descriptions, please go to Course Catalog.

Fall 2022

  • HS 100 Encountering the Past open only to students entering Loyola in the Fall 2022 (Parlopiano, Borges, Parks, Okoh, Sandler, Ross, Jalali, Roe, Klug)
  • HS 101 Making of the Modern World: Europe  (Borges)
  • HS 103 Making of the Modern World: USII (Collins) 
  • HS 311 Communism: A Global History (Roe)
  • HS 313 History of Christmas (Walsh)
  • HS 320 Black Death in Global Perspective (Parlopiano)
  • HS 335 History of the Crusades (DeVries)
  • HS 337D The Multicultural Roman Empire (McCreight) 
  • HS 345 The Peoples of Early American (Mulcahy)
  • HS 358D African American History to the Civil War (Collins)
  • HS 372D Vietnam War through Film and Literature (Parks)
  • HS 381D Search for the Divine: India (Parks)
  • HS 383 Violence & Holiness in 20th Century El Salvadore (Carey)
  • HS 400 History Methods (DeVries)
  • HS 405 History Internship (Sandler)
  • HS 432 Loyola, Slavery, and its Repercussions (Carey) *New Course - Needs permission of the Instructor to Register
  • HS 441D Special Topics: Gender & Power in Modern Africa (Okoh)
  • HS 477 Seminar: Legends in Medieval History (DeVries) * Needs permission of the Instructor to Register
  • HS 489 Seminar: America in the Middle East (Jalali) *Needs Permission of the Instructor to Register

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