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History Minor

For students who entered Loyola prior to Academic Year 2022-23:

The History Department is in the process of transitioning to a new curriculum. For most students who entered Loyola prior to academic year 2022-2023, nothing has changed. Continue to follow the minor as outlined in the Academic Catalogue.

Please note that the note “closed to catalogue year 2022-2023 or beyond” in course descriptions refers to students who are entering Loyola in the Fall 2022.

For students entering Loyola Fall 2022 and after:

History minors take a minimum of 6 courses:

  • Encountering the Past (HS 100)
  • Second History Core (HS 200-299)
  • One seminar (HS 410-498)
  • Three electives. At least two of the three electives must be 300- or 400-level courses; students may take no more than one 200-level course in addition to the second core, for a maximum of two 200-level courses. Students are strongly encouraged, but not required, to take The Historian’s Craft.
  • History minors may choose an optional thematic track consisting of at least three courses. The current thematic tracks are: 1) Gender and Sexuality; 2) Health, Environment, Science, and Technology; 3) Law, Politics, and Society.

Complete information about the major can be found in the Academic Catalogue.

Lauren Bayer


When she came to Loyola, Lauren quickly fell in love with Baltimore through Loyola’s emphasis on integrating students into the local community

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