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2019 Fall Publications

Dr. Ross's book was published this summer. Public City, Public Sex traces the relationship between prostitution, homosexuality, and urban change in nineteenth-century Paris.










2018-2019 Whiteford Medal Winner

The History Department wishes to congratulate Phoebe Labat for her receipt of the 2018-2019 Whiteford Medal in History!  The Whiteford Medal is the greatest honor and most prestigious award of the History Department and was bestowed on Phoebe at graduation.  It is granted to a graduating senior history major who achieved an outstanding grade point average and whose written work holds promise of noteworthy contributions to historical scholarship. Congratulations, Phoebe!

Phoebe Labat

Congratulations to all graduating History majors! Here is a short article you might find useful: "Entering the Job Market with a BA in History." 

2018-2019 Essay Contest Winners

HS 100-Level Essay:

  • First place: Brandon Miller, “How Frederick Douglass’ Literacy Paved the Way to His Freedom.” 
  • Second Place: Glenn Prushinski, “Opinions of Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt.” 
  • Third Place: Kayla Lipson, “Sentimental Families.” 

Upper Division Short Essay:

  • First place: Rebecca Vincent, "Stories of Selfhood and Solidarity:  Exploring Women's Lives Throughout African Communities," HS 389D
  • Second place: David Traugott, "The Southern Ideology that Led to the Civil War," HS 348

Upper Division Long Essay: 

  • First Place: Brandon Miller, “Frantz Fanon and Amilcar Cabral: Philosophies of Decolonization”
  • Second Place (Tie): Rodlyn-mae Banting, “Preparing for Judgment Day: The Economics and Moralities of U.S.-Regulated Prostitution in Colonial Manila (1898-1902)
    Maureen O’Kane, “An Opportunity for Agency: Religious Syncretism and Gender in Colonial Mexico”

Seminar Papers

  • First-place: Gavin Wolf, “The United States’ Cold War Misconceptions and its Consequent Effects on Southern Africa,” (Schmidt seminar)
  • Second-Place: Phoebe Labat, “Order Overseas: Peace, Aristocracy, and Entrepreneurship in New France, 1672-1675,” (Brennan seminar)

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