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Faculty News

  • Dr. Robert Chiles will present his new book The Revolution of '28 on Wednesday April 18, 5:30pm in the Admissions Lecture Hall
  • Professor Mulcahy writes about natural disasters -- past and present -- in the February issue of "The American Historian" Read the article here
    Dr. Sara Scalenghe is featured on AHA Today Member Spotlight.
  • The National Endowment for the Humanities awards Dr. Scalenghe a $210,912 grant to direct a Summer Institute for College and University Teachers entitled "Global Histories of Disability!"
  • Dr. David Carey has written a new book: Oral History in Latin America: Unlocking the Spoken Archive (2017). This field guide to oral history in Latin America addresses methodological, ethical, and interpretive issues arising from the region’s unique milieu. With careful consideration of the challenges of working in Latin America – including those of language, culture, performance, translation, and political instability – David Carey Jr. provides guidance for those conducting oral history research in the postcolonial world. In regions such as Latin America, where nations that have been subjected to violent colonial and neocolonial forces continue to strive for just and peaceful societies, decolonizing research and analysis is imperative. Carey deploys case studies and examples in ways that will resonate with anyone who is interested in oral history. Copies of the book can be found here.
  • Dr. Sara Scalenghe's book Disability in the Ottoman Arab World (Cambridge University Press, 2014) won the 2016 Disability History Association Outstanding Book Award. Congratulations! 
  • History Professor Elizabeth Schmidt published an article in AHA Today: A Blog of the American Historical Association. Read the article here

2016-2017 Whiteford Medal Winner

The History Department wishes to congratulate Calix O'Hara for his receipt of the 2016-2017 Whiteford Medal in History!  The Whiteford Medal is the greatest honor and most prestigious award of the History Department and was bestowed on Calix at graduation.  It is granted to a graduating senior history major who achieved an outstanding grade point average and whose written work holds promise of noteworthy contributions to historical scholarship. Congratulations, Calix!

Congratulations to all graduating History majors! Here is a short article you might find useful: "Entering the Job Market with a BA in History." 

Click here to read the recent Loyola Today article in written by Jenna Anne Chan, '15 about David Carey, Jr. entitled Uncovering hidden voices of the past.Congratulations to Professor David Carey Jr., the second holder of the Doehler Chair in History, who is the co-recipient of the Latin American Studies Association’s 2015 Bryce Wood Book Award for his book I Ask for Justice: Maya Women, Dictators, and Crime in Guatemala, 1898-1944 (Austin: University of Texas Press, 2013)! LASA is the most important professional organization for scholars of Latin America in the United States. The book award is given each year to an outstanding book on Latin America in the social sciences and humanities that was published in English in the United States. 

2016-2017 Essay Contest Winners

Seminar Papers

  • First place: Peter Berry, "Honor and Violence in the Slave Quarters," HS 479 (Hughes)
  • First place: James Kelly, "Hamilton, Jefferson, and the Constitutionality of a National Bank," HS 466 (Mulcahy)
  • Second place: Megan Bottino, "Elizabeth Hamilton and Women’s Rights in the Early Republic," HS 466 (Mulcahy)

Upper Level Long

  • First place: Nick Capicotto, "The Impact of Tiyu on China," HS 377 (Diehl)
  • Second place: Sasha Korn, "Colonial South Carolina’s Balance of Power: The Middle Ground in the Death of Acorn Whistler," HS 343 (Johnson)
  • Second place: Calix O’Hara, "A Second War: Moses Van Campen in the American Revolution," HS 346 (Mulcahy)

Upper Level Short

  • First place: Katherine Walpole, "A Historical Essay on the Power of the Gestapo," HS 319 (Sandler)
  • Second place: Amanda Waggoner, "News Coverage of the Freedom Rides in Alabama May-June 1961," HS 366D (Pegram)
  • Third place: Phoebe Labat, "What We Have Here is Failure to Reciprocate," HS 343 (Johnson)

100 Level

  • First place: Kaili McDonald, "A Critique on the Shear Power of a Haircut," HS 101.11 (Sandler)
  • Second place: Justin Worster, "Down and Out in the Great Depression: Letters from Concerned African-Americans and their Prejudiced Neighbors," HS 103.01 (Pegram)

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