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Loyola has access to MathSciNet. MathSciNet is the searchable Web database providing access to over 59 years of Mathematical Reviews and Current Mathematical Publications (from 1940 to the present). While there is no online access to articles, you can search for papers and read their abstracts.

We also have access to JSTOR. This provides online access to articles from a variety of different journals. Typically, the articles have been published at least four years ago.

Here are links to the main mathematical science organizations:

Math Forum from Swarthmore. This is an extensive site with resources for research and education.

Convergence - an online magazine where mathematics, history, and teaching interact.

Constants and Equations from England provides information on numbers, algebra, trigonometry, integration, and differentiation.

To aid in finding Math/Sci articles may want to try MathSciNet, as it will definitely help in finding research articles electronically.

Subscription-based services can also help greatly in finding an article. For recent articles, try ProQuest, and for articles older than 5 years, you may want to try JSTOR.

Other links: