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Comparative Cultures and Literary Studies Major

The Comparative Cultures and Literary Studies (CCLS) program examines culture and literature across linguistic, national, and cultural boundaries. It is offered as a major or a minor, and reflects Loyola's strong commitment to providing students with an international and global perspective.

Unlike other interdisciplinary programs, the CCLS major has a strong foreign language component and traditionally appeals to students who love language and culture and want to be active and marketable in a global world.  Major/minor declaration forms and other forms can be found here.

Courses and Participating Departments

Classics, English, Fine Arts, History, Modern Languages and Literatures, Philosophy, Political Science, and Theology.

Major (12 required courses)

The general make-up includes:

  • Two 200-level language courses in a language taught at Loyola (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish).
  • Six 300-level CI, FR, GR, IT, ML, or SN courses, one of which must be Topics in Comparative Cultures and Literary Studies (ML307) or Introduction to Comparative Literature (ML308).
  • Four courses from participating departments (see list of approved courses below) or other course approved by the director of CCLS.  These courses have a comparative aspect.

Special Features of the CCLS Major

  • Capstone experience (a senior project paper)
  • Participate in one of our study abroad programs
  • Interdisciplinary approach to learning
  • Access to our state-of-the-art Language Learning Center
  • Language clubs, field trips, departmental lecture series

What can you do with a major in CCLS?

  • International Business
  • Public Relations
  • Management
  • Education
  • Banking
  • Law School

Approved Courses from other Departments:

AH 307 - Discovering Difference: Art in the Age of Encounter
AH 326 - The Crusades in Medieval Visual Culture
AH 327 - Islamic Art
CL 241/AH 110 - Survey of Art: Paleolithic to Gothic
CL 329 - Women in Greece and Rome
CL/HS 337 - The Multicultural Roman Empire
EN 203D - Major Writers: American Literature (Professor Ellis' sections)
EN/CL 211 - Major Writers: Classical Mythology
EN 307 - Seminar in Medieval Literature
EN 317 - Renaissance Comedy
EN 346D - Humor Studies
EN 350 - The Romantic Movement
EN 372 - Modern British and American Poetry
EN 373 - African American Literature
EN 374 - Modern Drama
EN 376 - Postcolonial Literature
EN 381 - Seminar in African-American Literature
EN 384 - Topics in Postcolonial Literature
EN 385 - Seminar in Postcolonial Literature
EN 386 - Seminar in Literature and Film, when bears the sub-title "From Berlin to Hollywood"
EN 387 - Seminar in Contemporary Literature
EN 388 - Seminar in Multi-ethnic American Literature
EN 390D - Literature of the US/Mexico Border
EN 391 - Topics in Multi-ethnic U.S. Literature
EN 392 - Topics in Literature of the Americas
EN 399 - Seminar in Literary Topics After 1800
HS 302 - Renaissance Europe
HS 303 - The Early Middle Ages
HS 304 - Reformation Europe
HS 305 - The Later Middle Ages
HS 307 - Peace and War in Ancient Rome
HS 308 - The White Man's Burden: Colonialism and the Historical Origins of Racism
HS 309 - Law, Lawyers, and Litigants in European History
HS 324 - Warfare in the Eastern Mediterranean from Troy to Iraq
HS 330 - Gender, Race, and Class in Modern Europe
HS 335 - History of the Crusades
HS 337 - The Multicultural Roman Empire
HS 345 - The Peoples of Early America
HS 363 - A Century of Diplomacy: United States Foreign Policy Since 1890
HS 367 - Black Women in the Atlantic World
HS 368 - The Atlantic World: Readings, Approaches, and Explorations
HS 371 - East Asia in the Modern World
HS 372D - The Vietnamese War through Film and Literature
HS 373 - Contesting Empire: Nationalism and Decolonization in the Afro-Atlantic World 
HS 374 - East Asia on Film
HS 377 - History of Modern China
HS 380 - History of South Asia in the 20th Century
HS 382 - Crime and Punishment in Latin America
HS 389 - Gender and Power in Modern Africa
HS 390 - Gender and Sexuality in Latin America
HS 393 - Introduction to Islamic History
HS 396 - The Modern Middle East through Literature and Film
HS 397 - Women and Gender in the Middle East
HS 398 - Global Histories of Disability
HS 399 - Global Environmental History
HS 410 - Special Topics: The Crusades
HS 417 - Germans in Africa, Africans in Germany
HS 442 - Health and Illness in Latin America
HS 474 - Holocaust Memory in Germany and America
HS 478 - Global Histories of Sexuality
HS 481 - Seminar: Ethnicity and Political Violence in Modern Africa
HS 485 - Oral History and Philanthropy in the Americas
HS 489 - Seminar: America in the Middle East
HS 490 - Seminar: Environmental History in Latin America
HS 491 - Seminar: Migration, Displacement, and Refugees: Middle East
HS 492 - Minority Identity and Citizenship in the Modern World
MU 306 - World Music: Common Ground, Separate Sound
PL 216 - Philosophical Perspectives: Asian Thought
PL 321 - Cross-Cultural Philosophy
PL 325 - Philosophy of Asian Thought
PL 336 - Comparative Philosophy: East-West Dialogues
PL 354 - East Asian Philosophy
PL 365 - Japanese Philosophy
PL 370 - Medieval Philosophy
PL 381 - German Idealism
PL 411 - Philosophy of Culture
PS 350 - Introduction to Comparative Politics
PS 364 - International Relations through Non-Western Lenses
PS 365 - International Politics

Additional courses from participating departments may be approved on a course by course basis if they have a comparative dimension of if they reflect the values of a culture other than the student's.


For more information, contact Professor Thomas Ward at 410-617-2370 or tward@loyola.edu.

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