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Italian Studies Minor

The Italian Studies minor offers students the opportunity to pursue knowledge from different disciplines and schools of the University to arrive at linguistic ability steeped in cultural appreciation of another society. Electives in History, Fine Arts, English, Classics, Business, Psychology, and Theology, in addition to Language and Literature courses, allow individuals to craft a minor to their personal interest. Students can participate in a study abroad program, living with a family to further appreciate modern Italian social dynamics.

A final capstone course unites students to reflect upon, share, and further research the interdisciplinary study of the Italian peninsula, the peoples living there, their language, and their past. It includes as well the study of the Italian diaspora through the world, and the arrival of new immigrants into the peninsula with resultant ongoing social changes.

Students are encouraged to study abroad in order to perfect their language skills; up to three courses from our study abroad programs in Italy can count toward the minor.

Program requirements

Students completing the Italian studies minor must complete 6 courses (18 credits). 

  • Three courses in Italian language (IT), at the 201 level and higher.
  • Two approved courses in another field or in other fields; for example, art history (AH) and music (MU), or psychology (PY) and business (IB).
  • One final capstone course, “Italy and Italians in Today’s World.” This concluding course for the Italian studies minor, for 3 credits, is offered each spring in different departments according to need and interests of students.
  • Up to 3 classes can be counted from a study abroad program.
  • Some courses will always count; others will count depending upon the instructor and the syllabus of the semester.  Those are “second tier” courses that must meet specific criteria in order to be counted toward the minor.

A list of courses for each semester is available from Coordinators and in the course selection booklet for the given semester.

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Dr. Leslie Zarker Morgan
Maryland Hall 461

Affiliated Faculty

  • Roger Kashlak, Professor of Management and International Business
  • Thomas McCreight, Assistant Professor, Classics
  • Robert Miola, Professor of Classics and Gerard Manly Hopkins Professor of English
  • Leslie Zarker Morgan, Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures (Italian and French)
  • Barnaby Nygren, Associate Professor, Fine Arts
  • Martha Taylor, Professor, Classics, Fine Arts (Art History) and History
  • Joseph Walsh, Professor of Classics and History
  • David Dawson Vásquez (Rome program; Ph.D., Theology, Catholic University)
  • Paul Oorts, Affiliate Assistant Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures  (Italian and French)
  • Giuliana Risso Robberto, Instructor, Modern Languages and Literatures (Italian)
  • Eston Teter, Instructor, Modern Languages and Literatures (Italian and German)
  • Nicolino Applauso, Affiliate Assistant Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures (Italian)
  • Emma Cervone, Visiting Affiliate Assistant Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures (Italian and Spanish)