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Italian Studies Minor

The Italian Studies Minor consists of six courses concentrating on Italian Studies. The six courses must be distributed as follows:

  • Three to four courses in Italian language (IT), at the 201 level and higher (for members of the classes of 2024 and after, at the 104 level and higher).
  • Two or three approved courses in two other fields; for example, art history (AH) and music (MU), or psychology (PY) and business (IB).
  • Up to three classes can be counted from a study abroad program.
  • Some courses will always count; others will count depending upon and syllabus of the course for that semester. These courses must meet specific criteria in order to be counted toward the minor. Ordinarily, students bring the syllabus to the coordinator of Italian Studies at registration time in order to have the course approved for their minor.

Courses may be counted toward the minor if, in a given semester, the course meets one of the following requirements:

  • At least one-half of the course material involves Italian or Italian tradition as measured through written work and topics covered through lecture, reading, and testing.
  • The student completes a final project involving Italy (its culture, literature, and/or history/social situation).
  • It is taught in Italian about Italian materials.

Courses must be distributed minimally across three disciplines (e.g., EN, HS, IT, ML).  Two courses may be cross-counted between the Italian Studies Minor and another major or minor, as long as the department chair in the other major or minor is in agreement.

A list of courses for each semester is available from Coordinators and in the course selection booklet for the given semester.

Fall 2020 Italian Studies Courses

CL 211 - Classical Mythology
CL 307 - Peace and War in Ancient Rome
EN 211 - Major Writers in Classical Mythology
HS 307 - Peace and War in Ancient Rome
IT 201 - Italian Composition and Conversation I
LT 315 - Tacitus and Suetonius

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Giuliana Risso Robberto (Lecturer, Italian)
Maryland Hall 467

Barnaby Nygren, Associate Professor of Fine Arts (Art History)
College Center W031

Affiliated Faculty

  • Nicolino Applauso, Affiliate Assistant Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Thomas McCreight, Associate Professor, Classics
  • Robert Miola, Professor of Classics and Gerard Manly Hopkins Professor of English
  • Barnaby Nygren, Associate Professor, Fine Arts
  • Paul Oorts, Affiliate Assistant Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures (Italian and French)
  • Giuliana Risso Robberto, Lecturer, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Sara Scalenghe, Associate Professor, History
  • Martha Taylor, Professor, Classics, Fine Arts (Art History) and History
  • Joseph Walsh, Professor of Classics and History

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