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Please join us for the annual Hanna Geldrich-Leffman Language, Literature, and Society Colloquium at Loyola University Maryland on April 11, 2018. This year’s theme is “1968/2018: The Pen as Sword” to commemorate the momentous events of 1968 throughout the world. Presentations will be from 11am-4pm in the Andrew White Student Center Fourth Floor Program Room. All presentations are free and open to the public. Feel free to circulate the attached flyer.

11am Dr. Julian Bourg, Boston College, Associate Professor, History; Associate Dean of the Core. Title: “The Times and Spaces of 1968: Reflections on the Fiftieth Anniversary”

2pm Dr. Jaime Pensado, University of Notre Dame, Associate Professor, History; Director of the Mexico Working Group. Title: “Agents Provocateurs and Apocryphal Propaganda in 1968 Mexico”

3pm Dr. Xueping Zhong, Tufts University, Professor, International Literary and Cultural Studies; Director of the Chinese Program. Title: “Revolution and Women's Liberation in China 1968: A Cultural Perspective.”

Loyola Arabic Language Club (Arabyola) 2018

Friday, February 16 at 3.30 - Movie screening of "Bahiya and Mahmoud,” about an aging Jorganian couple, received the Best of Festival Award at the 2011 Palm Springs International Shortfest and becomes eligible for submission for consideration in the Oscar short film category;
Friday, March 23 at 4.00 – Photo session – students will learn about traditional Arab clothing and their names while having fun dressing up in sample Arab costumes for photos.
Wednesday, April 18 at 3.30 – The Art of the Mix – Arabic dried fruits and Moroccan mint tea. Learn about tea culture of the Arab world and get inspired by tasting this special combination of food and drink.

 For more information, contact Dr. Inas Hassan.

“Small Blessings, Big Voices”
Spring 2018

January 23 – Movie, Xizao, 6.00 pm in LLC  February 23 – Movie, Ye Wen 2(IP Man 2), 5.00 in LLC
March 16 – Ping Pong Tournament, 4.00-6.00 in FAC March 23 – Movie Dayu Haitang (Big Fish and Begonia) 5.00 pm in LLC
April 6 – Qingming Festival Commemoration
April 20 – Movie  Zhongguo hehuoren (American Dreams in China), 5.00 pm in LLC