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Modern Languages & Literatures

Core Language Award Winners

Here are the winners of our Core Award students. These outstanding students have achieved an A in their 104 or 200-level core language classes that allow them to complete their language requirement. The department of Modern Languages and Literatures is very proud of these achievers, and we hope that many become majors or minors.



Nathan Galloway
Seamus Quirk
Audrey Versteegen


Gaby Bunyenyezi-Gray
Lily Boudreau 


Olivia Reed
Ben Mills
Mari Sisco
Luisa Glass
Molly Knighton
Esha Shinh
Caroline Kunz
Bridget Scherer
Jordan Bellet-Edimo


Gabriel Pavia
Megan Cutter
Gracie Loeser


Nicole Crawford
Lauren Nowicki
Jack Formato  
Evan Cecere 
Matthew Gamerdinger
Camille Harris
Nicole Codarlupo


Patrick Hayburn
Brandon Miller
Nosa Omoregbee
Erica Puccio
Maeve Sutula
Ashton Reever 
Anna Rico
Katie Sanford
Katherine Convery
Abby Nash
Grace McCarthy
Jenna Borowy
Judith Menjivar Morales
Larissa Campos Mira
Caroline McCarthy
Vanessa Stolstajnar
Ellie Reynolds
Julia LaSala
Fluffy Ditmer
Jasmine Pasicolan
Julianne Meneses
Brandon Nefferdorf
Hannah Kleinbeck
Tess Felter
Jackie Chicas-Rodriguez
Anabella Bair
Ethan Broccolina
Dani Niedermeyer
Corrie Smith
Israel White
Patrick Boyle
Jasmine Diaz Martinez
Jack O´Hara
Jaimie Dosenberg 
Annabella Ritter- Pleitez
Natalie Pacher
Elizabeth Thompson
Emma Salazar




Thomas Ward

Thomas Ward, Ph.D.

A long-time proponent of service-learning, Dr. Ward's students connect with language and community through work with a Peruvian cooperative in Baltimore

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