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Chicken or the Egg Project

What came first... the chicken or the egg? ANSWER: The chicken coop!

A sustainability initiative for 96 destitute children in Haiti. A gift that keeps on giving.

Help Loyola French instructor Catherine Savell continue her efforts to establish sustainability for the community of Notre Dame de Lourdes in Santo, Haiti. Contribute a chick or a hen, help build a chicken coop; support their future. (Part of the Rendez-vous Haiti project)

Ready to Help?

Choose your contribution below:

Note: Contributions can be made online via PayPal by clicking on the item that you wish to contribute from the above list. Donations are also being accepted at the Language Learning Center in Maryland Hall, Room 443. Make your contribution in person or bring your PayPal receipt to the LLC and receive a special holiday-themed token of thanks. Donate on behalf of a loved one as a unique and meaningful alternative Christmas gift that keeps on giving!