Loyola University Maryland

Peace and Justice


Steering Committee

The steering committee assists the director in guiding the programming of the Office of Peace and Justice. The members of the committee are:

  • Dr. John Kiess, Associate Professor of Theology/Director, Office of Peace and Justice
  • Dr. Michelle Gawerc, Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Dr. Fuat Gursozlu, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
  • Dr. Moira Lynch, Assistant Professor of Political Science
  • Dr. Jane Satterfield, Associate Professor of Writing
  • Dr. Karsonya Whitehead, Associate Professor of Communication and African and African-American Studies
  • Dr. Heidi Brown, Assistant Professor of French

If you have an interest in peace and justice studies or would like to share ideas on programming, please do not hesitate to email John Kiess

Teaching Faculty

Faculty from over ten Loyola departments teach courses in the minor curriculum. Faculty members include:

  • Dr. Richard Blum (philosophical roots of slavery, human rights abuse)
  • Dr. Richard Boothby (psychoanalysis, psychological roots of peace/war)
  • Dr. Heidi Brown (trauma studies, Rwandan genocide, Algerian War)
  • Dr. Daniel Castillo (liberation theology, ecological theology)
  • Dr. Lesley DiFransico (Hebrew Bible, ethics of food and hunger)
  • Dr. Juniper Ellis (postcolonial literature, justice in Jesuit higher education)
  • Dr. Michelle Gawerc (conflict and peacebuilding, social movements, Israel/Palestine)
  • Dr. Fuat Gürsölü (political philosophy, human rights, democracy)
  • Dr. Catriona Hanley (philosophy of peace, metaphysical roots of war, Levinas)
  • Dr. Joshua Hendrick (sociology of human rights, religious political identity)
  • Dr. John Kiess (moral theology, peace studies, ethics of war)
  • Dr. Amanda Konradi (gender, justice, criminal law)
  • Dr. Andrea Leary (civic literacy, service-learning)
  • Dr. Moira Lynch (transitional justice, human rights, international law)
  • Dr. John Malis (photojournalism in war and peace)
  • Dr. Thomas McCreight (peace and war in the ancient world)
  • Dr. Brian Norman (African American literature, civil rights, feminism)
  • Dr. Bernadette Roche (environmental studies, sustainability)
  • Dr. Terre Ryan (environmental studies, sustainability)
  • Dr. Willeke Sandler (Nazi Germany, Holocaust)
  • Dr. Jane Satterfield (writing about trauma, crisis, war and peace)
  • Dr. Wendy Smith (literacy, peace education, children’s literature)
  • Dr. James Snow (philosophy and genocide)
  • Dr. Karsonya Whitehead (African American studies, social movements)
  • Dr. Yu Zhang (gender, peace, and justice in East Asia)