Loyola University Maryland

Department of Political Science

Interdisciplinary Majors

The department of political science does not proactively offer an interdisciplinary major, and we generally discourage them UNLESS there is a compelling reason why a particular interdisciplinary major would actually create a positive and meaningful academic package not available through a traditional major or a major and a minor.

Essentially, we are concerned that a student will end up with what boils down to two minors rather than having a major focus in... anything. In order for the department to consider a request for an interdisciplinary major incorporating political science, a student needs to submit a written proposal outlining the courses he or she intends to take and explaining how this will lead to an integrated and cohesive academic outcome. The student needs to demonstrate that the proposed interdisciplinary major is superior to adding a political science minor to a major from another department. Generally speaking, a major in one discipline is virtually always a superior academic experience and credential.  If you are approved for an interdisciplinary major, the political science component of the major consists of 101, 102, and six relevant upper level courses.


Jamaal Jones

This attorney and 2007 grad founded his own law firm to provide health and business law legal services to health care professionals

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