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Collage of clubs and societies

At Loyola, you are part of a community that aims to demonstrate its commitment to the common good every day through action and reflection. Your growth as a future health care professional happens within the framework of the Jesuit vision of a just society in which you are called to serve the community and celebrate diversity. As you deepen your understanding of the health profession of your choice, you will also gain skills that help you to effectively navigate culturally complex situations.

Your growth through experiences also calls for a commitment to continuous growth – you will progressively deepen your capacity to serve at increasingly difficult levels. You’ll grow from participation to leadership, from inquiry to presenting and publishing, from volunteering to work, from tutoring to teaching, and from local engagement to national and even international opportunities. Experiences you have while serving the community will provide you the opportunity to reflect upon your future roles in health care. Reflection and discernment are skills that you will learn here at Loyola. They are skills that serve you well for a lifetime.

Natashabiology and chemistry major/pre-med track

Opportunities have been endless both at Loyola and in Baltimore—from participating in Baltimore Health Immersion, where I learned about the facets of health inequities, to Health Outreach Baltimore, where I had to deal firsthand these inequities with real patients at Mercy Medical Center. There are never-ending lessons that can be learned from our current health care system, especially here in Baltimore, and I feel completely prepared for medical school and whatever the real world has in store for me thanks to the experience I’ve gained at Loyola.

Health Outreach Baltimore

The mission of Health Outreach Baltimore is to create a partnership between Baltimore families and pre-health students through which both parties reach their full potential – families access community resources that help them thrive while students build their capacity to become socially committed health professionals.

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Service and Volunteering

Looking for information on service, hospital volunteering and internships, and global health opportunities?

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Research Opportunities

Looking for information on research with faculty, undergraduate research conferences, and summer research programs?

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Tutor and Read

Looking for information on becoming a tutor or reading a good book on health care?

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Gap Year Ideas and Work Resources

Looking for information on gap year work or service, or ways to enhance your academics after graduation?

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