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Department Mission

In all courses, the department seeks to contribute to the University’s liberal arts mission by developing a deep understanding of the interdependent relationship between the individual and society – encapsulated by C. Wright Mills as “the sociological imagination” – thereby liberating the mind from narrow, parochial, and solipsistic thought patterns.

In all courses, the department seeks to develop students’ critical thinking by emphasizing the importance of empirical information, logical analysis, and careful conceptualization in evaluating beliefs and claims about how the social world works.

In all courses, the department strives to encourage an appreciation for human diversity by examining how culture, race, ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status shape people’s behavior, affect life chances, and often engender social conflict.

In its design of the major, the department seeks to follow a general consensus among leaders within the discipline that the sociology major should entail a sequenced mastery of skills and knowledge which is achieved through a structured, four-level progression from introductory through capstone experiences, and includes courses in theory, methods of research and data analysis, and several substantive areas of study.

The sociology major is intended to prepare students for entry-level positions in a variety of occupations in the private sector, government, and non-profit agencies, and for graduate study in sociology and a number of other fields, including professional schools such as law and social work. This is accomplished by providing a solid foundation in the methods, skills, theoretical perspectives, and substantive fields of study within sociology.

Faculty members seek to inspire a love for learning that lasts a lifetime by communicating their enthusiasm for sociology, sharing their research, guiding and collaborating in student research, serving as role models and mentors, and participating in Sociology Club and other student activities.

The department seeks to develop good citizenship in its students by arranging a variety of internships, including those required in the capstone seminar for majors.

The department seeks to create an environment in which faculty achievements in teaching, research, and service are supported and rewarded in annual reviews, tenure and promotion applications, sabbatical leaves, and the informal exchange of ideas.

The department seeks to be a worthy member of the broader Loyola community and the Baltimore area by bringing the sociological perspective to bear in a wide range of service activities.

Andy Choi

Andy Choi

Andy's passion for service shaped his path, from volunteering in Nicaragua to working for the Center for Community Service and Justice

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