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Interdisciplinary Major

Current as of catalogue year 2023-2024. For catalogue years before 2023-2024, or for more information on available courses, please visit the Loyola catalogue.

For an advising worksheet to track completion of your majors, please visit the AASC website.

Students may choose sociology in coordination with another program to develop an interdisciplinary major.

Common interdisciplinary majors include sociology/psychology, sociology/history, sociology/biology, sociology/writing, sociology/communications, and sociology/statistics. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. If you do not see the combination of majors you are looking for, please contact the department chair.

Students should discuss their interest in pursuing an interdisciplinary major with the sociology department chair, in addition to a liaison from the program they aim to combine with sociology.

Students pursuing an interdisciplinary major in sociology must complete the following sociology courses:

  • SC 100 - Introduction to Sociology
  • Two 200-level sociology electives
  • SC 342 - Social Research Methods (or an equivalent methods course, e.g., PY 291)
  • SC 355 - Sociological Theory
  • Three 300- or 400-level sociology electives, one of which must be a 400-level seminar

Interdisciplinary majors must also complete ST 110 - Introduction to Statistical Methods and Data Analysis (or an equivalent statistics course, e.g., ST 210 or EC 220). ST 110 can be used to fulfill the mathematics/natural science core.