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Sociology Club

2023-2024 Leadership

Co-Presidents: Hanna Addis,, Ella Mallon,, Aisha Veras,
Moderator: Joshua Hendrick, Associate Professor,


  • Resume Workshop: The sociology club coordinates with the sociology faculty in the fall term to offer an evening during which sociology majors and minors can strategize to develop resumes that sell the unique skills they have developed through their coursework, employment, and community service.
  • Holiday Dinner: The sociology club coordinates with the faculty to host an annual dinner in December for all faculty and majors and minors.
  • Career Night: The sociology club hosts alumni speakers in the spring term to expose majors and minors to the range of work undertaken by alumni who majored in sociology.
  • Senior Potluck: The sociology club coordinates with the sociology faculty at the end of the spring term to offer a potluck dinner for graduating senior majors and minors.

Sociology Club co-presidents Aisha, Ella, and Hanna smiling during a tie-dye event on the quad.

Sociology Club co-presidents Aisha Veras, Ella Mallon, and Hanna Addis (L-R) at the fall 2023 tie-dye event.

Get Involved

Register as a member of the Sociology Club on the Bridge!

For more information about planned club activities or to make suggestions, contact current presidents (2023-2024): Hanna Addis (, Ella Mallon (, and Aisha Veras (

Mental Health Resources: Togetherall Training

Togetherall is a free online mental health support platform with psychoeducational resources, self-guided courses and support related to various mental health topics, and a community forum where members can share anonymously and support one another. The platform is monitored by trained/licensed professionals for any crisis-related concerns. This is a free, easy, and efficient resource for students to access mental health support either as a supplement to, or in place of, therapy. Many students have found it to be incredibly helpful and end up using it repeatedly.

The staff at Togetherall offer brief virtual trainings/demos throughout the year. The Sociology Club participated in a training during the fall semester of 2023. Below is a link to a recording of the training, for students who were unable to attend but are interested in learning more about Togetherall.

Watch the Togetherall Sociology Club training video.

Sociology Club Constitution

Mission Statement

The Sociology Club will function to assist all Loyola students in exploring their academic interests in socially relevant issues and expose more students to the field of sociology. The club will promote sociological theory and methods through a variety of meaningful community service projects and sociology-based activities such as social events, field trips, volunteer opportunities, guest speakers, and group discussions. These activities will cultivate enthusiasm and energy which will inspire students to learn, lead, and serve in a diverse and changing world.


The Sociology Club membership is open to all current Loyola students.  


The Sociology Club is led by a Student President(s) and a Faculty Moderator (FM). Officer positions are held for the duration of one full school year.  


Each March, the Student President(s) and the FM will invite applications for club leadership for the next academic year.  Regardless of major, all current members of the sociology club may apply.  Applicants must be able to serve in office on campus for both the fall and spring terms.  Selection of future leadership will be made by the current Student President(s) and FM.

If the current Student President(s) will not graduate at the end of their term, they may choose to stand for general election to retain their post.  

Faculty Moderator

The Faculty Moderator of the Sociology Club is a member of the Sociology Department Faculty appointed by the Sociology Department Chairperson.  

Past Presidents

  • 2022-2023   Paul Capobianco, Nea James, & Anna Levine
  • 2021-2022   Mackenzie Wright & Paul Capobianco
  • 2020-2021   Mackenzie Wright
  • 2019-2020   Caroline Annis & Jordan Courtney
  • 2017-2018   Anna Marchio & Grace Hymel
  • 2016-2017   Conor Skelton & Kenneth Lindenfelser
  • 2014-2015   Noah Hunsinger & Conor Skelton
  • 2013-2014   Joseph Kropff & Rachel Peichert
  • 2012-2013   Dominic Walker & Gabrielle Mariotti
  • 2011-2012   Matthew Cook & Amanda Affigne
  • 2010-2011   Meryl Stevenson & Katie Twohig
  • 2008-2009   Nicolle Gameiro & Sarah Carta