Loyola University Maryland

Department of Sociology

Interdisciplinary Majors

Current as of catalogue year 2022-2023.

Students may choose sociology in coordination with another program to develop an interdisciplinary major.

Common interdisciplinary majors include sociology/psychology, sociology/biology, sociology/writing, sociology/communications, and sociology/statistics. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. If you do not see the combination of majors you are looking for, please contact the department chair.

Students pursuing an interdisciplinary major in sociology must complete 8 sociology courses:

  • SC 100 - Introduction to Sociology
  • SC 201 - Self and Society
  • SC 202 - Social Power and Social Change or SC 203 - Globalization and Society
  • SC 342 - Social Research Methods
  • SC 355 - Sociological Theory
  • Three sociology electives, two of which must be SC 360-499 level (and one of those must be a 400-level seminar)

For catalogue years before 2022-2023, or for more information on available courses, please visit the Loyola catalogue.

Josefina Munoz Nogales


For Josie, a dedicated mentor has fostered her academic growth and provided opportunities to conduct meaningful research

Psychology, Sociology