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Study abroad can be a wonderful addition to coursework in sociology. It gives you an opportunity to experience cultural differences and many programs offer sociology coursework that engages with institutional structures that are specific to the home country.  Gaining this type of comparative understanding of will assist your efforts to pursue social justice and social change, as well as work effectively in US organizations.

The Loyola Sociology Department has pre-approved numerous courses at various levels of instruction. For example, the following courses offered by the DIS-Copenhagen program are pre-approved for 360+ credit: Criminology and Criminal Justice in Scandinavia, Cultural Diversity and Social Capital, Gender and Sexuality in Scandinavia, Holocaust and Genocide, Prostitution and the Sex Trade in Europe, War Crimes and Human Rights. It is important to avoid registering for a course that you have already taken.

Review the lists of study abroad courses that are approved for Sociology credit when you consider where to apply and when selecting courses once you are accepted. If you see other interesting courses on your target university’s website that you would like to take, obtain the course description and a syllabus and provide them in electronic form to the Sociology Department Chair.

Loyola Summer Program in Prague

Summer programs are a better study abroad option for some students. The Loyola Summer Program in Prague is a one-month intensive Study Abroad Program open to all majors that will complete your ethics core requirement and provide you with sociology elective credit / global studies – topical component:

  • TH305 Ethics: Contemporary Moral Issues (satisfies Ethics core)
  • SC230 Introduction to Czech Culture and Society/ MG419 Special Topics in Management / IB 470 Special Topics in International Business


Charles University in Prague
Catholic Theological Faculty


Annually, in July.

Criteria for Acceptance

  • QGPA of at least 2.5       
  • Academic advisor’s approval
  • Clean disciplinary record (not on disciplinary probation or with history of disciplinary problems)
  • Recommendation from faculty or administrator


Fee covers tuition, housing, breakfast, some other meals, cultural events and trips (airfare not included). 


Dr. Barbara Vann 
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology 

Application Information

  • Online Application due mid February.
  • $500 deposit due in SAS when application is submitted; balance due mid March.

To apply, visit the International Programs page.


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