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Isabel Stevenson

Sociology Department Administrative Assistant
Beatty Hall 238A


Dr. Michelle I. Gawerc

Dr. Michelle GawercAssociate Professor
Beatty Hall 246

Research Interests and Activities: Dr. Gawerc’s research interests lie at the intersections of social movements and peace and conflict studies. Her research focuses on Israel/Palestine, although her teaching interests extend more generally to societies in or emerging from protracted conflict. Michelle's current research centers around two Palestinian-led coalitions involving both Israelis and internationals in the occupied West Bank. 

Courses Frequently Taught: SC 100 - Introduction to Sociology; SC 203 - Globalization and Society; SC 339 - Social Conflict; SC 376 - Israel-Palestine: Conflict Narratives, Media Framing, and Peace-Building; SC 377 - Social Movements and Social Protest; SC 441 - Seminar: Conflict Transformation and Reconciliation in Divided Societies.

See Michelle Gawerc's bio and publications.

Dr. Joshua Hendrick

Dr. Joshua HendrickAssociate Professor
Beatty Hall 256

Research Interests and Activities: Dr. Hendrick’s teaching and research interests overlap in the fields of political sociology, social movements, the sociology of religion, human rights, and development studies with a primary regional focus in Turkey, and a secondary focus in the broader Middle East.  

Courses Frequently Taught: SC 202 - Social Power and Social Change; SC 355 - Sociological Theory; SC 373 - Sociology of Human Rights; SC 374 - Sociology of Development; SC 378 - Islam and Politics; SC 384 - Qualitative Sociological Inquiry. Dr. Hendrick teaches in Honors Program.

See Joshua Hendrick's bio.

Dr. Amanda Konradi

Associate Professor and Department ChairDr. Amanda Konradi arms folded in a purple sweater.
Beatty Hall 250
410-617-5401 (e-mail is preferred)

Research Interests and Activities: Dr. Konradi's current research focuses on rare disease patients' negotiation of cranio-facial differences. She has also investigated the prosecution of sexual assault and gendering of the criminal justice process, and campus based adjudication of sexual assault. 

Courses Frequently Taught: SC 201 - Self and Society; SC 210 - Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies; SC 331 - Deviance and Social Control; SC 342 - Social Research Methods; SC 384 - Qualitative Sociological Inquiry; SC 430 - Seminar: Gender and Justice; SC 498 - Forensic Studies Experience. Dr. Konradi participates in Messina.

See Amanda Konradi's bio and C.V.

Dr. Nicole ShoenbergerNicole Shoenberger portrait

Associate Professor
Beatty Hall 242

Research Interests and Activities: Dr. Shoenberger’s main teaching and research interests include criminal justice, deviance, criminology, delinquency, criminal forensics, and research methods. Within these concentrations she has focused on positive deviance, criminological theory, and disproportionate minority contact in the criminal justice system

Courses Frequently Taught: SC 233 - Juvenile Delinquency; SC 260 - Introduction to Criminal Justice; SC 331 - Deviance and Social Control; SC 332 - Crime and Criminals; SC 342 - Social Research Methods; SC 371 - Sociological Analysis of Serial and Mass Murder.

See Nicole Shoenberger's bio.

Dr. Lovell Smith

Dr. H. Lovell Smith

Assistant Professor
Beatty Hall 248

Courses Frequently Taught: SC 100 - Introduction to Sociology; SC 205 - Education in U.S. Society; SC 221 - Sociology of Race, Class, and Gender; SC 361 - Social Inequality; SC 365 - Neighborhood and Community in Urban America; SC 383 - Survey Design and Analysis; SC 420 - Seminar: Race, Class, and Social Construction of Opportunity.

See Lovell Smith's bio.

Dr. Christopher Turner

Beatty Hall 244

Courses Frequently Taught: SC 100 - Introduction to Sociology; SC 204 - The Family; SC 361 - Social Inequality; SC 364 - Sociology of Health, Illness, and Medicine.

See Christopher Turner's bio.

Retired Faculty

Dr. Michael G. Burton Burton

Professor Emeritus, Retired 2011




Dr. Jai P. Ryu

Professor Emeritus, Retired 2012




M. Antonia Keane, MA

Associate Professor Emerita, Retired 2015
(deceased 2018)


PeyrotDr. Mark Peyrot

Professor, Retired 2018
See Mark Peyrot's  C.V.
(deceased 2022)


  Dr. Barbara VannDr. Vann smiles warmly with her arms crossed in front of her

  Professor Emerita, Retired 2020
  See Barbara Vann's bio.


William Heiser

A two-time Loyola grad, Bill is making an impact in urban Jesuit education as president of Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Baltimore

Sociology, Education