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Sociology Award Recipients

Phi Beta Kappa

Five students at the College of William and Mary founded Phi Beta Kappa in 1776, during the American Revolution.  Its campus chapters invite for induction the most outstanding arts and sciences students at America’s leading colleges and universities. The Society sponsors activities to advance these studies — the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences — in higher education and in society at large. Only about 10 percent of the nation's institutions of higher learning have Phi Beta Kappa chapters. Only about 10 percent of the arts and sciences graduates of these distinguished institutions are selected for Phi Beta Kappa membership.

The ideal Phi Beta Kappan has demonstrated intellectual integrity, tolerance for other views, and a broad range of academic interests. Each year, about one college senior in a hundred, nationwide, is invited to join Phi Beta Kappa. Eligibility for election to membership in course is contingent upon fulfillment of a number of minimum requirements and selection by the Loyola Phi Beta Kappa Committee

Ivana Valenzuela 2013 with Dr. Barbara Vann

Recent recipients include:

Class of 2013 - Diandra Fortune, Ivana Valenzuela (with Dr. Vann on right)
Class of 2012 - Mariel Pereda
Class of 2011 - Bianca Vazquez
Class of 2008 - Arlee Trembley, Meghan Cooper & Sarah Pollock (picture below)
Class of 2003 - Allison M. Cleary
Class of 2002 - Danielle Louise Deckard
Class of 2000 - Beth Anne Barnyock  

Phi Beta Kappa Inductees

State Awards

Justin White Receiving the MHE AwardThe Maryland Higher Education Commission 2009 Regina Lightfoot Student Service Award was received by Justin White, 09, who was honored for his outstanding commitment and work with Loyola’s Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ).

White was selected for the statewide honor by the Maryland Higher Education Commission Student Advisory Council (SAC), which comprises student volunteer representatives from all Maryland colleges and universities.

During his time at Loyola, White participated in many community service programs, beginning with Student Orientation to Service (SOS) during his freshman year. Later, he recruited 40 students to tutor four afternoons a week at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in East Baltimore. He also designed a tutor orientation, set up training sessions, arranged transportation, and offered ongoing tutor support. In addition, he volunteered in food programs and transitional housing for people in Baltimore who are homeless.

Loyola University Honors

Loyola sociology majors and minors are also active across the campus and are honored for their contributions. We recognize those who have achieved particular recognition.

Gratias Celebration

Each fall, during Family Weekend, the Gratias celebration offers an opportunity to recognize students who have particularly distinguished themselves in academic, service, and leadership roles.

The sociology department annually gives the Sociology Achievement Award to the top performing junior, sophomore, and first year majors / minors. Recent recipients include:

First Year Sociology Achievement

  • 2001    Brian Lawrence Marana & Tosha Lynn Russock
  • 2002    Katherine Marie Frieder
  • 2003    Carlos O. Dator
  • 2004    No Award
  • 2005    Meghan C. Cooper
  • 2006    Owen R. O’Hara
  • 2007    No Award
  • 2008    Jerard G. Fagerberg
  • 2009    Matthew R. Cook
  • 2010    No Award
  • 2011    Lauren O'Brien
  • 2012    Dashante Smith
  • 2013    No Award
  • 2014    Conor Skelton
  • 2015    Page Miceli
  • 2016    Lyric Gaines

Sophomore Sociology Achievement

  • 2001    Allison Cleary
  • 2002    Dana Marie Moss & Tosha Lynn Russock
  • 2003    Erin Cathleen Lashua
  • 2004    Patrick J. Currlin
  • 2005    Angelina R. Palombo
  • 2006    Meghan C. Cooper & Arlee A. Trembley
  • 2007    Alyssa C. Stoner
  • 2008    Alice R. Stoddart
  • 2009    Daniela M. Aguilera-Titus
  • 2010    Matthew R. Cook
  • 2011    Diandra Fortune
  • 2012    Lauren O'Brien
  • 2013    DaShante Smith
  • 2014    Siobhan McKenna
  • 2015    Conor Skelton
  • 2016    Grace Hymel

Junior Sociology Achievement

  • 2001    Danielle Louise Deckard
  • 2002    Alison Mary Cleary &  Paul Anthony Strocko
  • 2003    Dana Marie Moss
  • 2004    Erin C. Lashua & Kathryn A. League
  • 2005    Patrick J. Currlin
  • 2006    Angelina R. Palombo
  • 2007    Meghan C. Cooper
  • 2008    Nicolle Gameiro
  • 2009    Alice R. Stoddart
  • 2010    Daniela M. Aguilera-Titus
  • 2011    Matthew R. Cook
  • 2012    Diandra Fortune
  • 2013    Lauren O'Brien
  • 2014    Dashante Smith
  • 2015    Rebecca Scullin
  • 2016    Conor Skelton

Cura Personalis Award—which recognizes and honors students nominated by faculty and administrators who embody the Ignatian ideal of care for the whole person through demonstrated service, leadership, and academic achievement.

  • Class of 2010: Michael Montrose
  • Class of 2011: Bianca Vazquez

Magis Scholar-Leader Award—which recognizes students with GPAs of 3.8 and higher who, in the opinion of the student development staff, complement superior academic performance with co-curricular involvement.

  • Class of 2010: Alice Stoddart
  • Class of 2011: Bianca Vazquez & Daniela M. Aguilera-Titus

Community Service Award is given to students who have made a substantial contribution to the greater Baltimore community through service. Recipients are selected by the Center for Community Service and Justice through a nomination process that is open to the entire college community.

  • Class of 2010: Alice Stoddart
  • Class of 2011: Caitlin McCarthy & Bianca Vazquez
  • Class of 2012: Hilary Ippolito
  • Class of 2014: Lauren O'Brien, Matthew DiFernando &  Kimberlin Ruiz

Diane-Geppi Aikens Award

  • 2008   Justin White
  • 2010   Bianca Vazquez
  • 2013   Dominic Walker

Commencement Awards

In the spring, the administration and faculty honors graduating seniors.

The Sociology Medal is awarded yearly to a deserving major by the sociology department for their academic performance. Recent recipients include:

  • 2003    Alison M. Cleary Diandra Fortune Sociology Medal Recipient 2013
  • 2004    Tosha Lynn Russock
  • 2005    Erin Cathleen Lashua
  • 2006    Patrick J. Currlin
  • 2007    Angelina Rose Palombo
  • 2008    Meghan Clancy Cooper
  • 2009    Nicolle Gameiro
  • 2010    Alice Stoddart
  • 2011    Daniela M. Aguilera-Titus
  • 2012    Matthew R. Cook
  • 2013    Diandra Fortune (pictured with Dr. Barbara Vann)
  • 2014    Lauren O'Brien
  • 2015    Dashante Smith
  • 2016    Rebecca Scullin

Each year at Loyola’s commencement ceremony, the Rev. John P. O’Connor, S.J. Community Service Award is given to a graduating senior who has displayed outstanding participation in service to the Baltimore community and who has significantly connected her or his interest in service and justice with the Loyola community.

  • 1995    Mollie Mahanna
  • 1996    Kristen Ann Cotter
  • 2004    Danielle Miller
  • 2007    Megan Dunning, Mary Beth Neckles
  • 2008    Ashley Biggs
  • 2009    Justin White
  • 2011    Bianca Vazquez