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What are Grads Saying?

"I wanted to let you know how often I rave about Loyola's program and my experience there. I've worked with so many SLPs over the past few years and in talking about the different programs and experiences that we've had I've realized just how lucky I was to have landed at Loyola.

Not only did Loyola's program do such a wonderful job of preparing me clinically, but there was such a supportive atmosphere set from the top down that seems relatively rare in graduate programs and that made such a difference for me during my time there. In talking to other SLPs, it seems like surprisingly this is not necessarily the norm, and I'm honestly not sure I'd have made it through without the support that Loyola provided me (in addition to the actual training!).

Even though it's been years since I graduated, I still actively think about the things I learned in grad school in trying to do the best that I can for my students everyday. I'm so thankful that the Loyola faculty have provided me with such a solid background for developing my knowledge and skills so that I can make a difference for them. Just wanted to let you know that even years after graduation, I still think of you frequently!"