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Required Courses for Majors

Required Courses:

  • SP 103: Introduction to Communication Disorders
  • SP 201: Hearing Sciences and Acoustics
  • SP 205: Phonetics
  • SP 206: Observation Methods and Techniques in Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology
  • SP 207: Speech and Language Development
  • SP 301: Anatomy and Physiology: Speech and Voice
  • SP 304: Articulation and Phonological Disorders
  • SP 308: Professional and Technical Writing in Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology
  • SP 340: Clinical Audiology
  • SP 400: Speech Science
  • SP 401: Neurology for Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • SP 441: Aural Habilitation

Majors choose at least one of the following courses:

  • SP 405: Child and Adolescent Communication Disorders
  • SP 406: Neurological Bases of Adult Communication Disorders

Departmental Electives:

  • SP 102: Introduction to Human Communication
  • SP 214: Introduction to Sign Language
  • SP 303: Sociolinguistics
  • SP 312: Cultural Diversity in Communication
  • SP 314: Intermediate Sign Language
  • SP 413: Assessment and Intervention in School-Age Children and Adolescents
  • SP 417: Clinical Research in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Prerequisites for all courses can be found in the catalogue. It is the students' responsibility to check prerequisites prior to registration.

See the typical course sequence for majors.

Interested in a major? See Contact Information for the Undergraduate Program Director