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About Feedback

Feedback is one of the most important aspects of supervision.  See SIG article about Feedback in Supervision


Why is feedback important?

  • Facilitates learning

  • Increases confidence and independence

  • Ensures higher levels of competency

  • Increases supervisor- supervisee communication

  • Effective methods enhance satisfaction for both supervisee and supervisor

Types of Feedback

  • Summative: Cumulative Assessment  (Midterm/ Final Grades)

  • Formative: Immediate and ongoing assessments; corrections and praise (written feedback, verbal feedback, and documentation edits or examples)

Qualities of Effective Feedback

  • Needs to be accurate, relevant, and timely

  • Trust increases the receiver’s willingness to accept feedback

  • Environment should be open, non-judgmental, and non-threatening

  • Should not be redundant or repetitive and should consider relevant goals

  • Takes receiver learning style into account

  • Praise is preferred by students and can increase confidence

  • Corrective feedback is essential for changes in behavior and advances in skill

  • Combination of positive and corrective feedback is optimal

Feedback should:

  • Provide information how to improve

  • Give rationale for suggested changes

  • Be private, positive, clear, concise and use specific examples

  • Convey respect and concern


Clarifying Expectations for Supervisor and Student  *highly recommended by supervisors

Guidelines for Professional Behavior

Reflective Writing for Personal Professional Balance

Weekly Plan for Extern Supervision


Example Supervisory Form

Self-Assessment in Supervision

Supervising Tips Newsletter

Supervision Changes in Standards (Sig11)

Additional Supervision Resources


Maria Mitidieri

Maria Mitidieri

Maria’s volunteer and travel experiences at Loyola inspired her career as a bilingual speech-language pathologist

Speech-Language Pathology, Spanish