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Speech-Language Pathology Student Testimonials

Working with bilingual clients at the Loyola Clinical Centers
Fergie Cantos, M.S. '18
As a graduate of Loyola's Master's in Speech-Language Pathology, Fergie Cantos, M.S. '18 aspires to use the experience working with bilingual clients to provide the best possible care for a wide-spectrum of audiences.

Finding the right fit at Loyola University Maryland
Katelyn Powell, M.S. '18
Katelyn Powell, M.S. '18 did not begin her Master of Speech-Language Pathology at Loyola University Maryland, but the support of faculty and peers helped show her it was the right fit to finish her degree.

Embracing clinical work in the first semester
Nicolette Vulpis, '16, M.S. '18
Nicolette Vulpis, '16, M.S. '18 was heavily influenced by speech pathologists in her childhood, so she relished the opportunity to jump right into clinical work her first semester at Loyola.

Treating, and educating, the whole person
Kayla Pavlock, M.S. '18
For Kayla Pavlock, M.S. '18, Loyola's education of the whole person has better prepared her to treat the whole person while working out in the field.