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Loyola Clinical Centers

The Loyola Clinical Centers (LCC) provides comprehensive education and training of graduate students in and across a variety of disciplines and provides a broad range of audiology, literacy, pastoral counseling, psychology, and speech and language services to clients. Students learn in an interprofessional environment that provides comprehensive, evidence-based clinical training and hands-on experience.

During the first year of the Speech-Language Pathology master’s program, graduate students will complete internships at the Loyola Clinical Center in Baltimore. Speech-language pathology provides individualized assessments and treatment for children and adults with a range of communication difficulties, including speech and language delays/disorders, language-learning disabilities, and communication difficulties following brain injury or brain disorders.

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Sarah Calamita


Both the love for Baltimore and the relationships she developed with professors as an undergrad inspired Sarah to pursue her master's at Loyola

Speech-Language Pathology