Loyola University Maryland

Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

Undergraduate Advising

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Undergraduate Program Director

Dr. Brianne Roos, bhiggins@loyola.edu, 410.617.2630

Class of 2022 Advisors

Dr. Tepanta Fossett, trfossett@loyola.edu

Dr. Marie Kerins, mkerins@loyola.edu

Dr. Kathleen Ward, kward@loyola.edu

Class of 2023 Advisors

Dr. Brianne Roos, bhiggins@loyola.edu

Dr. Kathy Siren, ksiren@loyola.edu

Class of 2024 Advisors

Dr. Donna Pitts, dpitts1@loyola.edu

Dr. Lisa Schoenbrodt, lschoenbrodt@loyola.edu

Transfer Students

Dr. Brianne Roos, bhiggins@loyola.edu





Fergie Cantos

Fergie recognizes a need for bilingual speech therapy and is eager to serve a Spanish-speaking population

Speech-Language Pathology