Early Decision

If you know Loyola University Maryland is your top choice, you may want to consider applying Early Decision.

Applying Early Decision signals to us that Loyola is your first choice and you are making a binding commitment to attend our University.  All application materials must be received by November 1, including your standardized test scores if you choose to submit them (learn more about our test-optional policy). With many high-achieving secondary school students finding their match with Loyola early in the college search process, Early Decision is a great option.

As you try to decide whether to apply Early Decision, here are some questions you may have, along with our admission officers’ answers for you.


What is the difference between Early Decision and Early Action?

While Loyola’s Early Decision and Early Action applications work very similarly, there is one significant difference. Early Decision is binding, meaning that if you apply (by November 1) and are admitted to Loyola (by December 15), you are expected to enroll. If you are offered Early Decision admission at Loyola, you must withdraw all other applications (both Early Action and Regular Decision) within 10 days of the date stated on your acceptance letter.

Early Action is non-binding. Our Early Action deadline is November 15. Students will be notified of their admission decision in writing by January 15. Students admitted through Early Action have until May 1, the National Candidates' Reply Date, to make their enrollment decision.

Should I apply Early Decision?

Applying Early Decision demonstrates your commitment and excitement about attending Loyola University Maryland. Early Decision is binding, meaning that if you apply and are admitted, you are expected to enroll. If Loyola University Maryland is your top choice, Early Decision is your best option.

How do I apply as an Early Decision candidate?

For your application to be formally declared as an Early Decision Application, you must submit the Early Decision contract with all required signatures by the Nov. 1 deadline.

When will I receive notification about my Early Decision application?

You will receive an admission decision by Dec. 15.

When is the admission deposit due for Early Decision? When must I withdraw my other college applications?

If you are admitted to Loyola University Maryland under Early Decision, you must submit a nonrefundable enrollment deposit ($750 for residents; $350 for commuters; half-tuition for international students) to Loyola University Maryland and withdraw all other applications submitted to other institutions within 10 days of the date stated on your acceptance letter.

After submitting my application, can I request a change from Early Decision to Regular Decision?

If you want to change your application status from Early Decision to Regular Decision, you should email us at earlydecision@loyola.edu by December 1, stating your desire to switch your application to Regular Decision consideration. You should receive email confirmation of your change in status from our office by December 1, please keep this email for your records. If you decide to switch decision plans from Early Decision to Regular Decision, there is no longer a binding agreement with Loyola.

What are the possible admission decisions if I am not offered Early Decision admission?

If you are not offered Early Decision admission, your application will move to the Regular Decision applicant pool.

I want to be considered for merit-based scholarships. Can I apply Early Decision?

Yes, and because you are applying Early Decision, you will be in the first selection group for merit-based scholarships.

How do I apply for financial aid as an Early Decision applicant?

To apply for need-based financial aid as an Early Decision applicant student, you must submit the following forms and documents:

  • CSS Profile Application - Complete the PROFILE online by Nov. 1.
  • CSS Non-Custodial Parent PROFILE - If you report that your parents are divorced, separated, or never married, your non-custodial parent must complete the CSS Non-Custodial PROFILE by Nov. 1.
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Complete the FAFSA by Feb. 15.
  • Parents’ and Student’s Federal Tax Returns - Loyola University Maryland participates in the College Board’s Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC) to collect parent and student tax return forms. After you file the PROFILE Application, the College Board will send you complete instructions for submitting your Federal Tax Return forms. Submit your tax return information to the College Board's Institutional Documentation Service no later than March 5.

If I am admitted Early Decision and am applying for financial aid, when will I be notified about my financial aid package?

If you are accepted for admission through Early Decision and you have applied for need-based financial aid, you will be notified by Dec. 15 of your financial aid eligibility estimate.

Need-based financial aid decisions are subject to revision based on the receipt of Federal Tax Return information and the completion of the verification process.

If you are applying for need-based financial aid in Early Decision (or any application program), we recommend having a conversation with your family on what investment can reasonably be made in your college education. Students are strongly encouraged to research financial aid policies at the school to which they want to apply Early Decision.