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Digital Humanities Summer Fellows Program Coordinator

Digital Humanities Summer Fellows are a cohort of Loyola students and faculty who travel to British Columbia, Canada, to participate in a week-long course at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI), held every June at the University of Victoria.

DHSI offers a range of courses that students and faculty can choose from. Week-long intensive courses offer students and faculty a chance to gain valuable digital skills that apply directly to humanities disciplines. A list of courses can be found on the DHSI website. In addition to courses, DHSI offers several lectures, demonstrations, and project exhibitions, all of which are designed to help expose students and faculty to the vast field of digital humanities. The cohort is led by one or two Loyola faculty program coordinators. Throughout the week, students and faculty meet regularly for meals and other outings and discuss what students are learning and how those skills can be applied to their own research interests.

All tuition and travel costs are covered by the Center for Humanities. Students and faculty program coordinators also receive a per diem to cover the costs of meals and other incidental expenses.


Any full-time Loyola faculty member, teaching in a humanities department, is eligible to apply
to be a program coordinator.


The program coordinators’ responsibilities include:

  • Selecting student fellows
  • Helping students select and enroll in DHSI courses
  • Helping students arrange travel to Victoria, Canada
  • Arranging student and faculty lodging at the University of Victoria
  • Budgeting and keeping track of program costs
  • Compiling the final program report

Application Process and Program Procedures

  • To apply, faculty should submit a one-page Statement of Interest. The statement should 1) address why the faculty member would like to learn more about the digital humanities in general; 2) identify three different courses (ranked in order of preference) from the course offerings list on the website and explain why these three courses would be Loyola University Maryland Internal Use Only especially beneficial to the faculty member’s field of study, career aspirations, and/or academic interests; and 3) indicate that the faculty member feels comfortable with the associated responsibilities of the program coordinator and indicate any relevant experience in leading Loyola students on an international trip.
  • Program coordinators will be chosen by July, giving coordinators time to help recruit students for the program in the fall in preparation for the students’ end-of-October deadline.
  • The coordinators will be responsible for producing a final report that includes a 1- to 2- page overall assessment of student and faculty program experiences and a final budget. This should be compiled with individual student reports and the faculty’s own 1- to 2-page report on their individual course experience.
  • The coordinator’s individual report should include:
    • An overview or summary of the course they took
    • A description of any specific projects or experiments they began during the institute (including links to any web-based work)
    • Some ideas about ways they can continue to build on skills they began to acquire at the institute or ways of applying some of these new skills to future classes or projects
    • A summary of their experience overall, noting any strengths or weakness of the DHSI program as a whole
  • Program coordinators are expected to attend Celebrate the Humanities! (or a similar Center event) occurring in early fall following their time at the DHSI and to help the student DHSI fellows prepare a brief group oral presentation and group poster summarizing their summer work to be presented at this event.


Statements of interest must be submitted electronically to by the last working day of May in the calendar year preceding the summer in which the faculty member wishes to attend the DHSI as a faculty coordinator.