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Grant Proposals


  • Use this link for the proposal form.
  • A more detailed budget is necessary if any of your proposed expenses are high or complex (e.g., honoraria for several speakers should be listed individually).
  • If you include lunches or dinners, please indicate the number of people to attend and the composition of the party (e.g., faculty, students, guests).
  • Your abstract will make the work of the steering committee more efficient.

The rest of your proposal should include the following information:

  • The value of the program to the humanities (in your department, in the University, and/or in the larger local and academic communities);
  • Credentials for guest speakers;
  • Publicity plans; and
  • Scheduling and facility plans and reservations.

Send an electronic copy of the complete proposal to Bess Garrett The deadline for proposals for $1,500 or under is the last day of the month for the following month's meeting. Steering committee meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month, from September-May. The deadline for proposals over $1,500 is the last working day of March; these programs must be scheduled for the following year.


Recently, the steering committee has rejected a number of proposals or returned them for revision, for the following reasons:

  • The proposal was unclear in its details;
  • No other funding had been secured even though it was available and appropriate. Other Loyola funding sources that might supporting your event are: individual departments, Education for Life, ALANA Services, Student Activities, and Catholic Studies or other academic minors. Check with these programs to find out their criteria and proposal guidelines; and/or
  • Some expenses (e.g., honoraria, travel, meals, or advertising) were excessive or out of proportion to the proposal as a whole and/or unexplained.

If a proposal is returned for revision it may be resubmitted to the Center only once. Faculty sponsors who have failed to submit a final report for a previous program are not in a favorable position to apply for a new program. If your proposal is approved, save this form, enter your actual expenses, and return it with your final report (30 days after the event).